hello, july!

Because I was born in the South, I’m a Southerner. If I had been born in the North, the West, or the Central plains, I would be just a human being.
— Clyde Edgerton

July on the blog is about all things Southern, from the culture to the food, the clothes, and the outdoors. The South certainly has a complex past (and present in a lot of ways) that, understandably, gives it a bad rep which almost makes it hard to write about to adequately convey its charm to people who aren’t from here. I’ve been lucky to live in a couple different places, including New York City, and I have to say, the South will always be my home and, save for some destinations abroad, I don’t see myself living anywhere else.

Aside from the obvious things like the weather, the food, the slightly old fashioned sensibilities, the friendly people, and the landscape, I think what I love about the region is its complexities. There’s a great piece in The Atlantic from 1997 about this, the “idea of the South”.

I could wax poetic and probably even write a dissertation on the complexities of the South or even the South of old versus the new South (as captured in my favorite magazine, Garden & Gun) but this month’s content will be more simply about the things I love. You’ll find ideas for your perfect Southern road trip, some of my favorite Southern meals (made a bit healthier), as well as books, movies, and other things that will inspire you to learn a little bit more about where I come from.