hello, march!

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.59.40 PM.png

When I was thinking about the theme for this March on the blog, what kept coming to mind was a quote that I see a lot which is “bloom with grace”. I think the idea is similar to “bloom where you are planted” which, to me, doesn’t mean staying in one place you’re whole life but thriving no matter what season you’re in.

What does that mean for content? It means plenty of ideas for making your current space, be it physical or mental, a really beautiful, peaceful, inspiring one. That’s kind of been my goal in life and on the blog for many years now if I think about it. I’ve lived in a few different places since college from a dorm room with a dreadfully weak shower (but lots of fun memories) to my first apartment in Lexington with all the road noise outside my window (but also cozy in its own way and special because it was my first time living alone) to the Brooklyn apartment that really tested my patience (but had a great view from the kitchen window and was only a two minute walk to the train) to being back home in Florida where I’m so grateful for my clean, tidy, sunshine-y, coastal surroundings.

No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always tried my best to make each place feel like a sanctuary. There are so many little ways you can do it that often also apply to keeping your headspace feeling like a sanctuary as well. I hope that I can share some of my experience and the ideas that have worked for me this month!

As for imagery, I’m thinking lots and lots of flowers, of course. Beautiful botanicals, light pinks and earthy greens, wildlife like pretty birds and honey bees starting to come back after winter, eucalyptus leaves and a lots of intricate little details.