how to create a glamorous getting ready routine


We all get ready at least once a day, maybe twice, so why not make it an event? When I’m getting ready to go out, especially if it’s for the evening, I love turning up the glamour with a few easy tricks.

light a candle.
This step is non-negotiable, in my eyes. Set the mood with a really good candle to set your vibes for the night. For this scenario, I like scents that are warm or sort of powdery. The scent paired with the flickering light should get you in the perfect mood for either a night out or just your daily routine.

prepare a feel-good playlist.
You can’t deny the importance that music plays in setting a mood, so I’ve created a short little playlist that I like to listen to when getting ready. I also suggest the Hotel Costes playlist or any sort of ye-ye, French pop.

give yourself a facial massage.
When you’re doing your skincare, give yourself a facial massage for extra glowing skin. You don’t have to do anything fancy here, just spend some extra time massaging in your cleanser with your hands or a facial massage tool like a jade roller.

wear a lovely robe.
I love wearing my robe as I get ready as it’s a nice transition piece between pajamas and regular clothes and can feel so glamourous. Really, what is more glamorous than a silk kimono? Let me know.

have a glass of champagne or cup of tea.
Always have a nice drink on hand. If it’s morning, bring your cup of coffee, tea, or lemon water with you to your getting ready spot. Or if it’s evening, really amp up the glamour with a glass of champagne.

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