jewelry pieces that channel your inner witchy woman

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Who says you can only be a witch on Halloween? Personally, I’m a fan of witchy jewelry all year round because of its references to nature and history. Here are a few pieces you can collect to channel your inner witchy woman:

As Above - Planchette Necklace
This necklace features the tool used for writing in seances.

Anthony Lent - Adorned Hands Ring
As you can tell, this is obviously a major splurge piece but I just had to include it because it’s stunning.

Misho - Adder Stone Necklace
Adder stones were thought to be used as protection against witches, making it a perfectly ironic choice.

Swarovski - Spider Web Earrings
Maybe a spider’s web isn’t exactly ‘witchy’, but these earrings certainly have a lot of spooky charm.

Talon - Northern Star Pendant
This necklace was inspired by facing one’s fears and finding what guides us.

Federica Tosi - Earrings
This pair of moon and stars earrings would be so beautiful with a simple black dress.

Zoe Chicco - Ring
For a less obviously witchy piece, I love this ring with its little star detail.

Talon - Sword Moon Pendant
This piece is from the same collection as the Northern Star pendant, which was inspired by embracing one’s fears.

As Above - Astrology Necklace
I love this unique, astrology inspired necklace featuring all of the signs.

Pamela Love - Large Scarab Pendant Necklace
If there’s one designer out there that should be considered the queen of witchy vibes, it’s Pamela Love and this scarab necklace proves it.

Pamela Love - Journey Necklace
For another less overtly witchy piece, Pamela Love’s Journey necklace features opal, pearls, and brass charms that reference ancient Egyptian motifs.