make the most out of the rest of your winter season


In all honesty, i write this as it’s 81 degrees outside but I have lived in wintry climates the past few years so I promise I know what I’m talking about 😅 After Christmas, winter becomes a lot more of a burden rather than a festive, fun time of year. The weeks of cold, blustery weather seem to drag on and on forever. That’s why the Danish created the concept of hygge to stay cozy and happy through the worst weather. I’m always inspired by hygge when I think of ways to keep sane during winter. Here are some of the things I love to do to make the most of the post-holiday winter months.

cook a warming stovetop soup or stew
Whenever I think of cooking stew on the stove, I think of the Burrow from Harry Potter and how Molly Weasley makes everything so cozy. During the first few months of the year when it’s freezing outside, it’s good to eat foods that keep you warm and protect your immune system. Shalane Flanagan has a great recipe in her cookbook Run Fast, Eat Slow (which I highly recommend) for her Mineral Broth, which is perfect for winter, but some other great options are minestrone, bone broth, and classic tomato.

create a cozy environment for your workouts
When it’s cold in the morning, it can be so hard to get out of bed to do your workouts because you just wanna stay under the covers for that extra half hour or so. To make those morning (or evening, since it gets dark so early) workouts super enjoyable, light a few candles in your space, spray your mat with some soothing essential oil mist, and turn on a playlist that makes you feel good.

turn on some jazz + have a hot drink
A favorite winter activity is hanging out in cozy coffee shops, but sometimes you just can’t make it out of the house. Instead, turn your home into a coffee shop with a jazz playlist, dim the lights, and make a hot drink. Next time you go to HomeGoods or Target, pick up a nice syrup or some cinnamon sticks to have on hand for your at-home coffee experience.

have a soothing at-home spa day
Okay, here’s what you do. Start filling your tub with warm water, then add chamomile epsom salts or an all-natural bath soak. Turn on a diffuser with eucalyptus essential oil, dry brush your body, turn on a calming playlist, podcast, or audio book. While you’re in the bath, apply a face mask and use a body scrub. When you get out, use a body oil (preferably warm) and then wrap up in a cozy robe for the rest of the night.

bundle up + take a walk with a cup of tea
When it’s chilly outside but you want to get out to do something active, bundle up and go for a walk around your neighborhood or local park. The key here is bringing a warm drink in a thermos or a mug along with you. I like brewing a cup of green tea or earl grey to carry with me. Not only will drinking it warm you up, but just holding it in your hands helps too.

make some snacks + have a board game tournament
I love board games all year round, but they’re especially fun in the winter when you’re all cooped up inside. Gather all the blankets in your house and a stack of board games, then light a fire if you can (or just use this). Before you start playing, make a spread of snacks like roasted chickpeas, cheesy popcorn, and trail mix.