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Almost everyday while I work, I have the Turner Classic Movie channel on in the background. I’ve always been a fan of classic movies but having TCM on in the background everyday, I’ve recently begun gathering some amazing visual inspiration especially when it comes to style. I have my old favorites, the classic films, mostly starring Audrey Hepburn or Anna Karina, that have played a part in developing my taste but have also had the chance to get inspiration from new-to-me films.

I really want to write more about film and I thought a fashion centric film post would be a great place to start, so here we are! These are really just a few of so many films that inspire me visually.

kill bill
Beatrix Kiddo is one of my favorite style icons, from the iconic yellow jumpsuit to the shaggy blonde haircut, but my all time favorite look is her Japanese t-shirt which has inspired two of my own Japanese inspired purchases. It has a street style vibe that feels very ahead of its time.

the life aquatic with steve zissou
Really, any Wes Anderson movie is inspiring, but this one is filled to the brim with good style. The matching blue tops and rain slickers are very Balenciaga in a way and the pop of little red hats is a really nice detail. My favorite, though, is when Steve wears his red cap with a tuxedo and a cigarette. That visual is one that’s on my mind quite a bit.

psychout for murder
This Italian film from 1969 really is one that’s representative of the kind of themes you saw a lot in the films of that era. A guy has his girlfriend go to a brothel for a night to get evidence to blackmail her father, but then her father sends her to an asylum. She then basically plots her revenge against everyone who conspired to have her sent away. It’s all kind of a hot mess, but Adrienne Larussa is so chic in everything she wears.

breakfast at tiffany’s
A classic, of course, but it’s not the iconic black Givenchy that gets me. There’s the white sleep shirt and the coral, buttoned up coat with big sunglasses. However, my all time favorite look is that stand-up collar sweater in beige with the dark wash jeans and head scarf, barefoot on the fire escape. The absolute greatest.

funny face
Obviously this has to be on the list because it’s one of the most ‘fashion’ movies of all time. There’s a lot to pull from here but I love Audrey’s black on black ‘hipster’ looks and the beautiful wool tunic at the bookstore and the camel coat she wears in Paris. This movie has a lot of great inspiration you can bring easily into your everyday outfits.

call me by your name
My entire summer vibe is inspired by the boys in this film. Elio and Oliver wear these short shorts with shirts barely buttoned up and these great 80s sneakers. Everyone’s tan and relaxed and it’s just so beautiful.

a warm december
This is a film from the early 70s about a doctor who visits London and meets a gorgeous dignitary played by Esther Anderson. Her character Catherine has the most amazing, early 70s, kind of mod style that is so fun to look at. I’m having trouble finding good quality photos of her looks, which is a shame, but she wears these mini skirts and shearling coats and has gorgeous natural hair. Luckily, the trailer shows more of her than I can find in photos. To me, she’s like the original Penny Lane in terms of style.

pierrot le fou
Really any Godard film with Anna Karina gives me good style vibes, but I really like Pierrot Le Fou because it’s in color and has the best beach/resort/vacation outfit inspiration. It’s definitely the kind of vibe you get from current girls like Jeanne Damas and even the brand Sonnet James.

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