questions to ask yourself if you're feeling burnt out


We’re just about wrapping up self-love month, but before February comes to a close, I want to dig into a topic that affects so many people today and I think especially women. We can go really deep when thinking about the idea and the roots of burnout culture, whether those roots be social, economic, spiritual, and so many more but the real question is how do we combat it?

I think combating burnout is one of the ultimate acts of self love because it involves making a commitment to preserve your energy, prioritize your mental health, and protect your spiritual wellbeing as you move through the world. If you’re feeling burnt out, try asking yourself the questions below to really dig into the roots of the issue.

I realize this post offers up no answers or clear cut ways to combat burn out, but that’s because I believe that no one can truly tell you what to do since ultimately, you know what’s best for you. My advice is to start by asking yourself these questions, maybe even writing down your answers in a journal if that’s your vibe because the answers will help lead you to the root of your burn out. Then, you can take some time to get really quiet, sit with yourself, and open your heart/mind to receiving the answers.

Are you taking enough breaks at work?
I know we live in a go-go-go society that seems to value productivity over everything, but taking breaks is so important. In fact, studies (and common sense) show that taking breaks actually makes you more productive and creative and happy. Are you you using your vacation and sick days? Are you stepping away from your desk to take a proper lunch? Are you taking breaks from your computer to just take a quick walk around the office?

Are you properly organized?
Often times when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, I notice that my surrounding area feels cluttered and when I take a moment to tidy up, it’s an instant mood boost and I feel so much more in control. Is your work area and home cluttered? When was the last time you did a paper purge? Do you have a thousand tabs open on your browser? Is your desktop overflowing with icons?

What are you letting control of your life?
By this, I mean things like limiting beliefs, bad habits, negative environment, and other people’s opinions. How often are you mindlessly scrolling social media? When you get up in the morning, are you starting your day with an energizing breakfast? Do you have a meditation practice? How do your daily routines support your lifestyle and mental health? What do you think, want, and believe? Are you approaching each situation as your true self?

Are you doing what you actually want to be doing?
That last thought brings me to this question because it’s really easy to live your life based on the expectations of others if you’re not careful and that almost always leads to burn out. On Sunday night, do you dread going to work the next morning? When you wake up, are you excited for the day or do you automatically feel like you’re in a slump? When you make a decision or take an action, are you trying to live up to someone else's expectations or your own? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?