remembering karl

I’m very much down to Earth, just not this Earth.

I’m not counting on this being a very eloquent tribute because I’m writing it the evening before it goes out and am not sure what to say yet about why Karl’s death makes me so sad. It’s, of course, the loss of life itself that makes me sad as it would with anyone and especially Karl because he’s been a figure in my life for most of my years, having been really into fashion since I was very, very young. He’s always been such an inspiration not only as a creative but as the brilliant business mind that he was.

But, it’s also really sad because I feel like it truly marks the end of an era. I’ve mentioned in passing recently how the industry I was once so passionate about has begun morphing into something else entirely, something so much less inspiring. With Karl’s passing, I really feel like a door has closed.

There are so many Karl quotes that make him out to be this over-the-top, opinionated, rather sass person and all that may be true, but from what I hear from those who knew him, he was ultimately a very sweet and generous man.

Some great pieces that put these feelings far more eloquently than me: