postcard from london


Wow, London was a whirlwind. I hope to spend so much more time there in the future as I just fell in love. It had a vaguely similar vibe to New York, but I felt it was more like D.C. because it’s so clean and beautiful with tons of green space. Since I didn’t do traditional day-by-day travel posts, I thought it’d be fun to share some extra photos in what I’m calling a sort of digital postcard.


1 // As soon as we got to the hotel, the front desk handed us flutes of champagne and to properly kick off the trip. We were located on Grosvenor Square (more on that later) which was absolutely stunning and gave us the best view from the windows in our room.

2// Something I couldn’t get enough of in our neighborhood Mayfair was the cars. Nearly every car we saw on the street was over $100k and they were all stunning. There was everything from McLarens and Lamborghinis (the most common) to Porsches and beautiful Lexus models that made me feel very lucky to have one of my own.


3// We stayed at the Marriott London Grosvenor Square and I can’t say enough great things about it. We’re lucky to be Bonvoy Titanium members, so that definitely provided a lot of perks. Our room was beautiful and updated with a view of the square, lots of fluffy robes, and a tea closet with a kettle, tea selections, and Walker’s.

In my view, the biggest perk of being a Bonvoy member is getting to use the M Club at Marriott properties. At both hotels we stayed at in Europe, the M Clubs were tremendous. This one served five different meals a day from breakfast to afternoon tea to dinner and dessert, and all of them were great. In fact, we mostly ate in the hotel because it was that good and it’s all free, so it saved a ton of money.

I want to reiterate how good the food is. It’s not your typical hotel continental breakfast with stale bagels and sad waffle mix. The selection was big and included fresh bread baked that day at the hotel, lots of fruit infused water, and different local foods as well as the classics like eggs and breakfast potatoes done really well. No rubbery, under-seasoned scrambled eggs here.


4// My biggest takeaway from our London leg of the trip was just how beautiful this city is. Everywhere you look, from the architecture to the gardens to the people, everything is beautiful.

5// I was excited that Deliciously Ella was just around the corner from our hotel and we ended up going there a couple times for juice and some food. I got the pumpkin curry, which I highly recommend!


6// One area that we almost didn’t visit but I’m so glad we did was Westminster, near Parliament and the Abbey. This really is a must see area where you can just feel the history around you. We spent some time in the park behind Parliament where there’s a lovely view of the London Eye, great for photos.


7// The last bit I wanted to share in my little postcard is Sketch. You’ve probably seen Sketch on Instagram before, but wow, it is not overhyped at all. The whole experience from door to door was so special. We sat in the Glade (which is too dark for photos, but I kind of like that) and had some truly delicious, unique cocktails. Also, side note, everyone who works here is stunning.

After drinks, we checked out the famous pink room which is decked out with incredible art, and experienced the iconic egg pod bathrooms. Not gonna lie, we had so much fun in these bathrooms 😂 No one but me had even seen photos before, so it was hilarious to watch their reactions. Plus, there is more than meets the eye! There are so many weird surprises in those eggs, you just have to experience it for yourself.