10 ideas for summertime hygge


It’s official, only 19 days until fall. God bless, I’m ready. I love summer and all of its vibes, but I think we’re all in agreement that it’s time for a 20 degree temperature drop, at least, and a change of seasons. Fall is my favorite because - and I think this is the case for most - of all the cozy vibes, namely the natural sense of hygge that comes in late September and sticks through winter if you know what you’re doing.

But, I’m all for enjoying where you are in the now and who’s to say you can’t do hygge in the summer? It’s all about good times with loved ones and creating a feeling of contentment, so it’s completely reasonable to make this happen even in August. Here’s some ways we can all really enjoy what’s left of summer before our real favorite season arrives late next month.

summer scented candle
You can’t have hygge without candles, even in the summer, so strike a match and light up a summer scent like Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom, Homesick’s Summer Camp, or Maison Margiela’s Beach Walk.

take a sunset swim in the pool
Instead of roasting in the mid-day sun, why not wait until sunset? The temperature in and out of the water is much more comfortable and things tend to be quieter.

have a morning swim in the ocean
My favorite time to swim in the ocean is right after sunrise when the waves are very calm and there’s usually no one around. Something about it is just supremely relaxing.

make an herbal tisane
I love making tisanes in the French press with whateve’s in my herb garden. Just add the ingredients to the French press with hot water and let it steep for about 10 minutes. I like rosemary, lemon, and red chili pepper flakes or mint and lemongrass, but there are so many different variations to try.

host a themed dinner party in your backyard
Invite your friends or family over for a themed summer dinner party, be it Mediterranean or a Mexican fiesta or a simple Italian pasta meal. Be sure to fill your space with string lights and candles for peak hygge.

drink a piscine de champagne
In the middle of the summer heat, I love a big goblet of champagne on ice. Pour yourself a piscine de champagne and enjoy it outdoors or on the couch with a summer movie.

go for a long walk
Whether on a trail or through a beautiful neighborhood in your area, take an iced coffee and go for a long walk when the weather’s nice. Load up a good playlist, podcast, or audiobook to make it a little bit productive.

buy a bouquet of fresh flowers
There’s nothing more summer than a bouquet of white and blue hydrangeas on your bed side in a beautiful vase. I love waking up to the sight of fresh flowers in the morning.

drink iced tea in a hammock
On a breezy day, cozy up in a hammock with a book or magazine and a tall glass of iced tea. If you fall asleep, that’s okay, too. See below!

take an afternoon nap
When all else fails, take a long, luxurious nap in the afternoon with the windows open and the fan on. I know it’s not super eco-friendly but it feels so nice.