the five items you need in your makeup bag this fall

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It feels like forever since I’ve done a proper beauty post! That’s probably because I’ve moved on from trying all sorts of different things to settling into a pretty solid routine and thus, I don’t have a ton of new things to review in this realm. For the most part, I’m now using 100% clean beauty brands from skincare and makeup to bath and body.

I actually get a lot of satisfaction out of curating a streamlined beauty routine of really great, effective products even more than my days of trying new products every month. There’s something about curation that really becomes appealing when you begin to minimize. I see it in my wardrobe too. I get much more excited to buy one great new piece every few months than buying several less exciting things more often.

Here’s five products from clean brands that you should definitely add to your makeup bag for the upcoming fall season:

This has been my go-to product for just under a year now and one tiny pot has lasted me so long that I’m only now due for a new one. It’s super clean, formulated with coconut oil (which can be comedogenic but this has never broken me out) , castor seed oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. Most days, this is all I use on my face, it’s that good.

Here’s a gorgeous lip product that adds color without stripping your lips of moisture, but instead adding it back with hydrating ingredients like castor seed oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and other oils. The color I love particularly for fall is their nude pink, Nobody’s Baby. It looks beautiful on all shades of skin and has a warm, understated feel.

This is another product I’ve been using for about a year now and it’s so nice, plus it’s perfect for fall because it smells like pumpkin pie since it’s formulated with pumpkin and apricot seed powder. It’s one part mask, one part exfoliant, so you massage it into your face for 60 seconds and then leave it on your face for 10 minutes. The formula is full of fruit enzymes and vitamins for brightening, beta carotene for cell turnover, and the gently exfoliating apricot seed powder.

This new-to-me brand has the most beautiful packaging and ingredients in their Plum Beauty Oil, a multipurpose anti-aging and restorative formula. That is, if you can even call it a formula. The sole ingredient is plum seed oil, which contains omega fatty acids, polyphenols, and vitamins A and E. You can apply this directly to your skin, mix with a cream moisturizer, mix with your foundation, and even use it on the ends of your hair.

I love a multi-use product and this one from vegan, clean brand W3LL PEOPLE can be used on the cheeks, eyes, or lips. It’s formulated with aloe and antioxidants, so it’s working for your skin not against it when you wear it. In my eyes, that’s what all makeup should do.