the perfect travel outfit is...


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We kicked off my birthday trip to Europe on Friday and have been loving every bit of it ever since. We’ve been planning this trip since August, so it’s exciting that it’s finally here.

We flew out Friday night and landed in London late Saturday morning which, of course, meant a long haul, overnight flight. I’ve done an over night like this once before en route to Paris via Reykjavik and stand by my opinion that it’s a brilliant idea. You go through several time zones, but because you’re flying through the night, you don’t feel as jet lagged because you pretty much get a normal night’s sleep.

Although, it does require a little creativity when it comes to your outfit. You obviously want any long haul flight outfit to be super comfortable yet pulled together, but when you’re flying overnight, you have the added element of needing it to feel as much like pajamas as possible and keep you warm. Luckily, I’ve come up with the easiest, go-to outfit formula for this.

I start with a basic black tank top because it’s simple, comfy, and it’s okay if you accidentally spill something on it. I love tanks from Everlane because they feel super high quality and are ethically sourced. I pair that with my black Align leggings from Lululemon, which literally feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. They honestly feel silky and just melt into your body which is perfect for an overnight flight because so many other leggings can get uncomfortable after awhile. Finally, I layer on a long, cozy cardigan for when I get cold and sometimes, like today, I bring along a beige scarf to use as a wrap when the plane gets cold.

As for shoes, I like to pair white Converse with this outfit which works well when you have Pre-Check and don’t have to take off your shoes 🤙 But I will say that they’re not the easiest to slip off when you’re ready to go to sleep (and I’m not going to lie, my Converse smell strongly of rubber when they’re off which is kind of gross haha), so for this flight I chose to wear black ballet flats instead. When I’m ready to get cozy, I take them off and switch into a pair of the softest black cashmere socks.

To dress this up a little, I’m wearing a delicate gold necklace, my go-to diamond stud earrings, and my everyday black Balenciaga sunglasses. Last Friday, I shared everything I pack in my tote bag, which is my beloved Barrington St. Anne Tote.

I absolutely love wearing this outfit to travel because it really strikes the perfect balance between being extremely comfortable yet also pulled together and cute enough that I don’t feel embarrassed walking into the hotel afterwards looking a hot mess. 😂