the weekend list no. 51


The first weekend list of 2019!

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My highs recently have obviously been celebrating all of the holidays. For New Year’s Eve, we had a big board game tournament which I manifested myself into winning 😅. But, another high is that I started watching Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show and it inspired me to KonMari my closet. I will say my closet wasn’t bad to begin with per se, but it still looks and feels so much better now. I used to detest putting clean clothes away for some reason but now it’s so easy that I kind of enjoy it.

My low has just been the fact that with the holidays comes an unpredictable slow down of work for freelancers, so that’s been kind of annoying. Plus, New Year’s fell on a Monday/Tuesday which meant people were out of office even longer than usual which has resulted in my work being delayed, too. But, I’m finally starting to get back on track now and am trying to look at the whole situation from a lens of being grateful for having time off to relax my brain.

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I have another month of Boden collaboration content coming up on the blog and Instagram and I’m excited about this one in particular because it’s all about classic style. I personally have been getting back to classic style and am moving the blog in that direction as well. This whole month on the blog is about starting fresh and getting organized, so it’s the perfect time to talk about paring down your wardrobe to high-quality, classic essentials.

Personally, I’m excited to be working on new goals for 2019 and just January alone. I have my fun January bucket list in the works for which I’ll be trying a new restaurant, making the Moscow Mule recipe from I restaurant in Winter Park, reading six books, and more. I’m already making good progress with my books and can’t wait to talk about them later in the month.

I’m also looking forward to watching the new Taylor Swift tour documentary on Netflix and have no idea why I haven’t gotten around to it yet! Let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen it already.

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A New Year, The Same You. Loved this beautiful piece.

A cleansing ritual for the new year.

I’ve been loving these videos where cooks at three different levels make the same dish.

This company Gainful will let you make a custom protein powder according to your needs and goals!

Some drink recipes to get you through Dry January (which I do not take part in lol). I love Switchel, so definitely give that a try.

Here are 14 mantras for activating your best self in the new year.

I’ve been loving this ten minute yoga stretch routine lately.

Speaking of Marie Kondo’s new show