the weekend list no. 54

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I’m having a hard time thinking of a low other than the fact that I had a few days where I felt like I’d pulled a neck muscle, but even that was kind of fine by me because it meant I had an excuse to lay on the couch with a cozy heating pad on my shoulder. 😂

The high of the past few weeks was definitely spending the day in St. Augustine with a friend. We didn’t do anything groundbreaking, but it was just a really fun and inspiring day where I felt like wow, I have a friend who gets me and that’s really great! Some other highs were having chocolate covered strawberries, having some down time to take hot baths with some Herbivore products, and just finally having some sunny weather again! It’s been that perfect Florida winter weather where it’s sunny but a little bit crisp.

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Today, we’re going to Jacksonville to hang out, try some new food, and just overall find cute things. I’m going to do another post about it in the same format of my recent St. Augustine post because I thought it was a fun way to talk about a little day trip. I’m also hoping to swim this weekend because it should finally be warm enough on Sunday, God willing that the water isn’t freezing! Crossing my fingers.

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My goal in life is to have my friends and coworkers speak about me the way they speak about Meghan Markle in these quotes. She sounds so amazing!

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