the weekend list no. 55

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My low of the past few weeks was that we had some illness going around the family and at one point, were all feeling gross at the same time which especially sucks when you work for yourself because it’s not as easy to take proper time off. Luckily, I was able to push through it and now I feel better! But my dad had it the worst. He was the only one with a full on sinus infection (and he never gets sick), then he got an infected cut on his hand. THEN, on his way to the doctor, he stopped at the farm to get eggs and was literally attacked by a rooster. So yeah, not the greatest last few weeks for all of us in that regard!

Luckily, that was really the only low! We had a super fun Oscar’s night and the weather has been so pretty, but the biggest high is that my aforementioned friend actually bought a ticket to come to London with me in the spring! We talked about it on a whim a few weeks ago but she actually followed through and did it, which is so fun!

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Yesterday was lovely not only because it was Friday, but because I just love the first day of the month. Getting to pick my new desktop from The Everygirl, starting fresh in my planner, and just generally the feeling of newness is really fun. Today, I’m doing a little bit of work and then going to do some vintage shopping with a friend to find some cute pieces for spring and summer and then stopping at Trader Joe’s and hopefully making a convincing argument to get some Shake Shack after 😉. Then on Sunday, I think we’ll be watching Mamma Mia. Do you guys follow Almost Makes Perfect? Her Instagram stories about Mamma Mia are one of the funniest things ever and I need to join the club.

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Good post on the concept of lykke. Read this and then Meik Wiking’s book on it!

The oldest house in D.C. is so gorgeous!

I loved this post about the different food trucks at Magnolia Silos in Waco. The sweet tea truck! 😍

Great tips for making your home look more expensive.


I love Goop’s classic wardrobe picks.

Amelie Pichard is so cute!

This beach is only 20 minutes from my house and I can’t wait to go when the water is warm.

My real weekend plans.

I love these ideas for random acts of kindness to try out. I’m going to do the library book one!

As Newt Scamander says, “My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”