the weekend list no. 56

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.
— Frida Kahlo
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I think my low was just feeling sort of unproductive lately and just unable to get into my work flow like I usually do. But I have to say, yesterday was totally different and I ended up having the most productive day ever. I think a lot of the lost productivity was because mercury is in retrograde for real. So many random mishaps kept happening! Dumb. But it’s okay now!

My high is that I got to interview for a position at my dream company last week! I would absolutely love to get the job but even if I end up not getting it, I’m just super honored to have even been called into interview for it because I’ve got to say it’s a pretty prestigious position!

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This is going to sound like deja vu because I said the same thing a few weekends ago but it ended up not happening. Going to Jacksonville today to hang out with family and potentially get some ice-cream, which is always a good thing! Tomorrow, I’m back to my new routine of laying by the pool every Sunday to get some sun before vacation. It’s been so nice! I take my magazines and books over, put on a Spotify playlist, and usually end up staying way longer than expected.

Jane recommended five gorgeous fashion films. I personally love Personal Shopper.

This swimsuit is EVERYTHING.

This choreography is so fun, oh my god! Love Sean & Kaycee.

Watch this one too because I’m obsessed with this song.

Love these 2019 workplace trends! It’s about time.

How gorgeous is this dress? It’d be so beautiful for something like prom or if you have an event coming up.

What to do with all of your leftover citrus peels.

Such a good article from Goop about yoga.

I love the online store Motherland and am desperately wanting to order these mulberry preserves that have a great story behind them.

Have you watched Free Solo yet? It’s an incredibly done documentary, but I completely agree with the author of this article about how it is so indicative of toxic masculinity.

I always love Chrissy’s picks, but these spring pieces for your closet are especially good.