the weekend list no. 57

Your value is not based on your productivity.
— Martina Martian

My low the past few days has been a really sad one. I foster an orphaned elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and follow them closely through social media and email updates. The entire DWST was so sad this week when we found out that Maarifa, our beloved baby rhinocerous, had passed unexpectedly over the weekend. Seeing photos and videos of Maarifa always made me so happy because she was so sweet and happy. I’m just glad that she was in the care of such excellent caretakers and lived a happy life on the property. Blah.

On the positive side of things, I’ve just been really happy about the beautiful weather. I’ve been spending time by the pool a lot lately and enjoying the fact that the sun is out consistently! Also, we got my taxes done over the weekend which is a huge relief. I don’t even know why it makes me anxious. I genuinely wonder if I get anxious about it just because everyone else is! But it’s over and all is well, so that’s excellent.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.54.52 AM.png

I’m thinking about going to a big $1 sale at one of my favorite resale stores in Winter Park called Avalon Exchange because who can pass that up? On Saturday, I’m also playing along with Zoe’s 24 hour readathon, hoping to get a head start on my reading for April. Then on Sunday, my plans are to continue my weekly tradition of spending a few hours by the pool.

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Kortney shared a gorgeous selection of great dresses for travel.

One of the most creative fashion videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube!

I adore Tan France and loved this video where we get to know him and Manchester more.

I also adore Antoni Porowski and Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel, so this was perfect.

Kate Middleton wore this J.Crew sweater for an engagement this week and it is majorly on sale!

I suppose I need to drive down to Miami now.

This gorgeous summer dress is 60% off!

Really good interview with the inspiring Jessica Nabongo, who is set to become the first black woman to travel to every country in the world.

Love, love, love this gingham swimsuit!

The new Apple Card sounds interesting.