the weekend list no. 59

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In the past two weeks, I’ve had a couple good highs like going to the farmer’s market, enjoying the spring weather, and just getting excited for the summer but this past week was really mostly a low one because we had to say goodbye to my sweet cat of 18 years, Elizabeth and I already just miss her a lot.

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This weekend, I’m wrapping up some last minute travel prep. Getting snacks for the plane, making sure we’ve got what we need, and maybe getting a head start on some packing. I ordered Pete Buttigieg’s book to read while traveling and I’m having a hard time not starting it beforehand! Also, I’m on royal baby watch everyday. My birthday is May 7th and while I’m fairly certain Meghan & Harry’s baby will be here before that, everyday closer is really exciting.

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Such a sweet house!

This Self Portrait dress is giving me major Mary Poppins vibes.

This dress + matching sunglasses + basket bag = 😍

Ideas for your spring bucket list. I’ve checked off eight so far, how about you?

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And Sally’s, too!

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I’ve been really craving banana pudding lately!

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