the weekend list no. 60


hello from amsterdam!

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I always like to start with my lows so that I can end on a positive note, so my low has been that my foot and valve have been hurting so bad! It’s definitely from all the walking on cobblestones in tight shoes, but yeah, they are feeling it for sure. I had to get a pair of sandals from H&M to wear for the second half of our trip, otherwise I’d be out on the streets in hotel slippers.

Where can I even begin with highs? This whole week has been a high. If I had to pick two, they’d be getting to open the doors to the Great Hall at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and when my hotel surprised me for my birthday with cake, fruit, and a box of chocolates. They really went all out to treat us the entire trip.

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This has been such an exciting week! We got to London last Saturday morning and spent the first half of the week there as you’ve seen on the blog and will continue to see into next week. Halfway through the week, we fly into Holland to spend the second half of our trip in Amsterdam. My heritage is Dutch and my family is very into being Dutch, so it’s been really amazing to be in the motherland, so to speak 😅

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I’m obsessed with Blair’s stripes on stripes.

Facialist Joanna Czech’s take on anti-aging and skin health.

I haven’t watched Game of Thrones since season three (not being smug about it, just saying), but this is so interesting.

Literally all I’ve watched for the past several weeks.

How painfully sweet.

This winter home in Provence is so dreamy.

Here’s an interesting article on using flower essences in your wellness routine.

Instead of going outside your comfort zone, how about expanding it?

How gorgeous are these beaded mules?

Okay, I’m dying to visit this part of Italy now.

Definitely going to set some of these health and wellness goals for the summer.

This home is stunning.

This is now 100% on my bucket list.