the weekend list no. 62

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It’s been a fun few weeks! I went to get my hair cut by my friend, Heather, who I haven’t seen in nine years (!!!) which is absolutely crazy to think about. It literally felt like no time had passed at all when we got together, which is always such a nice feeling. I made a day of it and picked up a really good iced chai since one of my favorite Winter Park coffee shops, Foxtail, is right next door to the salon.

A few random things: I’ve been loving the new Aurora album and listening to it non-stop. My friend Holly and I went to the new Lucky’s store in town and I was so impressed! They have this brilliant “shop-and-sip” concept where you can buy a glass of wine, beer, or kombucha to drink while you’re shopping around the store. There’s also a ramen bar, salad bar, fresh pizza, and tons of dessert options including the mochi cart you often find only at Whole Foods. 🙌

I also just renewed my support for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for another year. I support an orphaned elephant named Jotto and it’s been so much fun to watch his growth and progress over the last year. Please consider fostering your own elephant! They do amazing work.

I celebrated International Yoga Day last night with a group flow by the beach, followed by a margarita at the cocina next door. Today and tomorrow,, I’m excited to have a carefree weekend of summer featuring lots of swimming, books, movies, pizza and bubbly.

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