thoughts on last night's oscars + why i almost didn't watch this year


If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I’m a big Oscars person and in college, I used to see all of the best picture nominees each year leading up to the show. This year though, I almost didn’t watch because I was utterly disappointed that they initially decided not to feature some of the categories live (cinematography, makeup and hair, costume design) which I thought was incredibly disrespectful to the hard workers who are integral to the filmmaking process. With no cinematographer, there’s no film. Thankfully, they changed their decision after all of the backlash and I decided to watch after all. We had a big spread of wine, prosecco, candy, and chocolate covered strawberries and settled in.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a very opinionated person when it comes to film and what films I think deserve awards, so I have a lot of thoughts but I’m going to keep them positive here. 🙊


Oscars Pre-Show Little Black Panthers - If you watched the pre-red carpet show on E!, you may have seen this too and I hope you did because it was ridiculously cute. The hosts were talking to Frederick Joseph, the founder of the Black Panther Challenge which raised a million dollars to send underprivileged kids to see Black Panther in the theaters this past year. At the end, the network donated $10,000 to his new Captain Marvel challenge and brought out a huge group of adorable kids all dressed as Black Panther.

Olivia Colman’s Acceptance Speech - Even though I was sad that Glenn Close didn’t finally get her Oscar, I adore Olivia Colman and her speech was the absolute cutest. She is so quirky and I love it.

Spike Lee Doing Everything - It’s no secret that I wanted Spike Lee to win Best Director last night and although he did not, he stole the show in my eyes. Throughout the entire ceremony, his reactions in the audience were priceless and when he won Best Adapted Screenplay, he was so funny on stage. So glad he at least won something, because he’s one of the bravest and most interesting directors of our time and has deserved the accolade for a long, long time.

Having No Host - I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, but I actually ended up liking the show with no host. It cut the fat a little bit, so to speak and allowed more time to go to film related content rather than shtick. In the future, I’d be good with more broadcasts that have no hosts.


Gemma Chan - You’ll notice that almost half of my picks this year are from the cast of Crazy Rich Asians, but is that really a surprise? Gemma Chan was my favorite of the night mostly because she could wear literally anything and look stunning, but I just really liked the combination of the ruffles and the high neck with bare arms. So good!

Constance Wu - This color was just perfect on her! She was like a Disney princess in the best way.

Michelle Yeoh - This look was breathtaking. I could stop comparing her to Audrey Hepburn because of the tiny, nipped waists.

Regina King - The color was beautiful on her and she was giving me Angelina Jolie vibes with that leg!

Stephan James - A trend I noticed last night was men wearing brooches and I am here for it. Stephan in particular wore a little gold piece with the red velvet suit and white accents and it worked so beautifully together.

Kacey Musgraves - She has been absolutely killing it this awards season from her Grammy’s look to this. With all of the tulle ruffles and the beautiful makeup, she was like a porcelain doll.

Charlize Theron - From the 20s vibe hairstyle to the color and the silhouette, this was a super elegant look.

Michael B. Jordan - He always looks good, but I really loved the navy velvet jacket here. It was a great way to break away from the old school black tuxedo but still keep things classic and interesting.