three halloween recipes for chocolate lovers

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Of all the months in the year, October is the one that’s all about treats for me and I think most of you would agree. It’s when we start working our way through fall baking lists and stock up on Halloween candy. I wanted to share three ideas for chocolate-centric Halloween-themed desserts because honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate? All three of these ideas are pretty simple concepts that anyone can make with just a few easy tweaks.

Spider Chocolate Trifle //
This is a simple Halloween twist on a classic dessert. Simply whip up a layered chocolate trifle, then use a toothpick to create a spider web design on the top layer.

Ghost Cupcakes //
These are so simple, there’s really no need for a recipe! Just whip up your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe then top with chocolate ganache. For the ghosts, you can make a Swiss meringue or simply use whipped cream, then use chocolate chips for eyes or candy eyes from Michael’s, which taste weirdly like meringues themselves. For an extra festive touch, use some spooky cupcake papers.

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies // (with spiders piped onto the chocolate chips)
Here’s another super simple, non-recipe recipe. Go ahead and make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. Once they’re out of the oven, use a toothpick to spread out little spider legs from a hot chocolate chip then add tiny little candy eyes, so that it looks like this.