three of my favorite fab 4 smoothies


You may have seen Kelly Leveque’s Fab 4 smoothies on Instagram because it seems like every influencer and celebrity out there is following her dietary guidelines these days! I recently jumped on the Fab 4 train after recently reading Kelly’s book Body Love, which promotes a diet that balances your blood sugar. While I don’t follow her guidelines religiously, I’ve at least adopted the smoothie portion into my daily meal plan and I can attest to the truth of her claim that drinking one of these for breakfast keeps me full past my usual lunch time! Here’s a little article from MindBodyGreen about Kelly’s philosophy.

The official formula is below but Kelly has tons of smoothies that vary on the formula. For instance, there are plenty of options with no fruit or no greens. I wanted to share with you guys three of my favorite smoothies that I’ve tried so far. I’ve been taking recipes straight from her book or website and adapting them if I don’t have every ingredient.

20g Protein + 10g Fiber + 1 tbsp Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruits + Superfoods + Liquid

mint chip // This one is my favorite smoothie so far. Just blend together chocolate protein powder (protein), chia seeds (protein, fat, superfood), almond milk, ice, and mint leaves. So good and so refreshing!

chocolate coconut // This simple chocolate blend is chocolate protein (protein), coconut water (fat), almond milk, almond butter (fat), hemp hearts (superfood), spinach (greens), and ice cubes.

berry cacao // Surprisingly, the only fruit smoothie on this top three list! This one is a blend of chocolate protein (protein), raspberries (fruit), avocado (fat and greens), chia seeds (superfood), and almond milk.