twelve little luxuries under $50

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‘Tis the season for a little luxury, don’t you think? Of course, that could potentially be said about any month, but I just think it’s so fitting for February. In most places, it’s still cold to the point where everyone wants nothing more than to be cozied up indoors until spring. A big facet of this month’s theme of self love, in my opinion, is treating yourself to little luxuries that give you a little boost of joy.

Of course, when I think about things I’d like to treat myself to, my mind sometimes jumps to a Chloé handbag or a gorgeous sweater from The Row, but those are definitely not just “little” luxuries 😅 Luckily though, there’s tons of little luxuries that are either free (cuddling with your pet, doing yoga by the beach) or a lot more affordable than those splurge items. Here’s my list of twelve little luxuries, all under $50, to treat yourself to this month.

Why not start with a really good, luxurious tea like the Chocolate Rose variation from Tea Forte? Pair that with the iconic milk chocolate bar from the Mast Brothers based in Brooklyn. Pop a bottle of champagne, preferably Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. If you’re a sweets girl, head to your local bakery for a gorgeous fruit tart. Dress up your nightstand or kitchen table with a fresh bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s or your local florist.

Make laundry less of a chore by using detergent from The Laundress, which made my college dorm hall laundry trips a whole lot more bearable. Treat your teeth to a fancy licorice toothpaste and a tortoise shell toothbrush. Make every hand washing a mini spa experience with Aesop’s Resurrection hand soap. If there’s a classic film you adore, buy a copy of the Criterion Collection version.

Get a little taste of Chanel with one of their Le Vernis polishes to make you feel super luxe. There’s nothing like a great lipstick to boost your mood and the Tom Ford lipsticks are particularly beautiful. Pick your favorite Maison Margiela Replica scent (I like them all) and buy the travel size version which lasts a surprisingly long time.

What little luxuries do you treat yourself to? Maybe the occasional hot yoga class or a mimosa at your favorite brunch place? Let me know!