wardrobe staples: little black dresses under $250

I mentioned earlier that I was creating a new blog series where I’ll be sharing my picks for different wardrobe staples at affordable prices, but still of good quality. For the first post, it only felt right to talk about the little black dress. I can’t seem to stop buying black dresses myself. I recently got one from Tuckernuck that I’m dying to wear when the weather is a tiny bit cooler.

So, why does everyone need a little black dress? It’s a classic staple piece that can be styled any which way you’d like for any personal style, any occasion, any level of formality. You can wear it to work, wear it on the weekend, on a date, or a holiday party. What I love is how many variations there are. You and all of your friends could have a signature little black dress and it’s likely no two would be exactly the same.

We all know LBDs are a huge deal in the sartorial world. There’s even a novel about it! I can think of so many iconic little black dresses just off the top of my head. Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Princess Diana’s revenge dress. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, any time. Carrie Bradshaw’s body-con racer back dress. Michelle Obama’s first official portrait. Meghan Markle in Emilia Wickstead at the RAF100 Service.

No matter your style - be it classic, edgy, bohemian, and so on - a little black dress has its place at the center of your closet. Style with tough boots, ballet flats, a chic heel, or a statement shoe. Wear it alone with gold jewelry, or dress it up with a jacket. Wear your hair in messy beach waves and no makeup or pulled back into a chignon with a red lip, and every combination in between.

Now, onto the pieces themselves. Below, you’ll find 16 little black dresses all under $250. I tried not to pick any dresses that were only under the price threshold because they were on sale, because that sale could go away at any time. They’re in order of sleeve length and all good quality brands, so these pieces should be great for as many wears as you can get in. Let me know which you like the best!