what's in my pool bag this summer

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One of my favorite little things in the world to do any time of year, but especially summer, is have a good pool day, switching between the lounge chair and the sparkling water. There’s just something about it that is so relaxing and can be equally as glamorous. I always think of Slim Aarons photos of socialites like Nelda Linsk and CZ Guest lounging poolside in Palm Springs and Palm Beach.

Whether you’re poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France, at home in your own pool, or your neighborhood’s community pool, it’s so easy to elevate your experience to one fit for an Old Hollywood star. Here’s what I pack in my pool bag every time.

oversized white shirt //
There’s nothing more chic than wearing an oversized white button-down as a cover up at the pool or the beach, especially if it’s over a vintage-inspired swimsuit.

sandals //
While I love the look of the Hermes leather sandals, they’re not exactly practical so I’m recommending a pair of pool-friendly sandals in a neutral color.

chic towel //
Using a beautiful towel can really elevate the entire swimming experience. I like ones with neutral colors, patterns like stripes, and a little fringe. Zara Home often has really good ones, too.

sunglasses //
For both reasons of a medical and aesthetic nature, sunglasses are the number one pool day requirement if you ask me and an enormous, luxurious pair always fits the bill.

clear pouch //
To carry my skincare, makeup, keys, and so on, I like to use a clear pouch so that everything can be seen easily and organized in my bag.

straw hat //
A good sun protection measure to use is wearing a wide-brim, straw hat while you’re outside, plus it looks very glamourous.

swell bottle //
Staying hydrated is key on hot summer days and I can’t recommend anything more than the Swell bottle to help with that. They’re cute, easily to transport, and keep your drink cold for way longer than you’d ever imagine.

book //
What’s a pool day without good reading material? I like something that adds to the glamour of summer, perhaps something like “The Kennedy Heirs”, the new book about JFK Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and the rest of the children of the Kennedy dynasty.

spf lip balm //
In addition to traditional face and body sunscreen, a good SPF lip balm is necessary to keep your lips from getting burnt.

clean sunscreen //
Of course, the holy grail must not be forgotten and that’s a quality, non-toxic sunscreen to protect your skin. There are fortunately a lot of good brands out there these days, too!