what's in my pool bag this summer

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One of my favorite little things in the world to do any time of year, but especially summer, is have a good pool day, switching between the lounge chair and the sparkling water. There’s just something about it that is so relaxing and can be equally as glamorous. I always think of Slim Aarons photos of socialites like Nelda Linsk and CZ Guest lounging poolside in Palm Springs and Palm Beach.

Whether you’re poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France, at home in your own pool, or your neighborhood’s community pool, it’s so easy to elevate your experience to one fit for an Old Hollywood star. Here’s what I pack in my pool bag every time.

oversized white shirt //
There’s nothing more chic than wearing an oversized white button-down as a cover up at the pool or the beach, especially if it’s over a vintage-inspired swimsuit.

sandals //
While I love the look of the Hermes leather sandals, they’re not exactly practical so I’m recommending a pair of pool-friendly sandals in a neutral color.

chic towel //
Using a beautiful towel can really elevate the entire swimming experience. I like ones with neutral colors, patterns like stripes, and a little fringe. Zara Home often has really good ones, too.

sunglasses //
For both reasons of a medical and aesthetic nature, sunglasses are the number one pool day requirement if you ask me and an enormous, luxurious pair always fits the bill.

clear pouch //
To carry my skincare, makeup, keys, and so on, I like to use a clear pouch so that everything can be seen easily and organized in my bag.

straw hat //
A good sun protection measure to use is wearing a wide-brim, straw hat while you’re outside, plus it looks very glamourous.

swell bottle //
Staying hydrated is key on hot summer days and I can’t recommend anything more than the Swell bottle to help with that. They’re cute, easily to transport, and keep your drink cold for way longer than you’d ever imagine.

book //
What’s a pool day without good reading material? I like something that adds to the glamour of summer, perhaps something like “The Kennedy Heirs”, the new book about JFK Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and the rest of the children of the Kennedy dynasty.

spf lip balm //
In addition to traditional face and body sunscreen, a good SPF lip balm is necessary to keep your lips from getting burnt.

clean sunscreen //
Of course, the holy grail must not be forgotten and that’s a quality, non-toxic sunscreen to protect your skin. There are fortunately a lot of good brands out there these days, too!

pretty things no. 40

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Happy Saturday! We haven’t had a new edition of Pretty Things in awhile because of last month’s travel, but I’m happy to be back to sharing all the loveliest things I’m finding on the internet lately.

I’ve fallen deeply, deeply in love with the brand Amaio Swim and have found myself daydreaming about a number of their pieces, particularly the Jolie, off-the-shoulder top. Not only is it a gorgeous piece for the beach or pool, but you can also pair it with a high-waisted skirt for a brunch look.

These Sudini Rovigo slingbacks are such a classic piece with a little twist: a sweet bow on the back of the ankle. These would be great with a beautiful, summer dress or with white, rough hem jeans and a feminine blouse.

This chic basket bag is the perfect summer accessory staple to pair with everything from a sun dress to a black-on-black look for dinner. This bag is sun dried and made with a smoking technique, so it actually has a slightly smoky smell which I love.

This lightweight wrap dress is such a lovely option for summer occasions from weddings to Sunday brunch. Pair it with delicate strappy heels, a pair of cute sandals, or white sneakers for a sporty vibe.

I saw this photo of Jackie Kennedy recently, which inspired me to look up some sculptural, metal jewelry because she just looked so chic. I found this pair from Argentine designer Fernanda Sibilia, which I think would be great to pair with an otherwise netural, linen outfit.

One of my favorite things to do anytime of year, but especially in the summer, is put on a nice smelling face mask and relax for a mini spa day. One of my favorites that I return to time and time again is the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. It’s great for cleansing pores and giving you that glowing, summer skin.

10 pretty scents for spring/summer

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Happy Wednesday! The spring weather lately has been making me feel so refreshed. We rarely get a proper spring this far south as our mild winters tend to skip straight into hot, hot summers. Btu this year, the days have felt fresh and breezy through March and April with little spring showers every so often. Along with packing away all of the fall/winter decor, I’m transitioning my beauty routine for the spring/summer seasons which means embracing a lighter, more feminine perfume.

Usually, when I think spring fragrance, my mind immediately goes to all things floral but for summer, I like blends of citrus and warm notes. So, the list below includes options that include all of these things:

Glossier You - This scent genuinely smells different on every person, but the notes are things like ambrette, ambrox, and musk with iris root and pink pepper.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede - A light, floral fragrance with notes of red apple, peony, jasmine, carnation, rose, and suede.

Le Labo Neroli 36 - I love this simple, straight to the point scent of beautiful orange blossoms. It feels like the prettiest summer day in Italy!

Byredo Inflorescence - This scent is elegant and so perfect for spring with notes of freesia, rose, magnolia, lily of the valley, and jasmine. It smells like a walk through a beautiful garden at the peak of spring.

Maison Margiela Beach Walk - One of my favorite scents, inspired by the beaches of Corsica in the 1970s. The notes of bergamot, coconut milk, pink pepper, lemon, and musk smell just like summer.

Oribe Cote d’Azur - Rumored to be a favorite of Meghan Markle’s, this scent is a gorgeous blend of lemon, plum, blackcurrant, bergamot, orange, tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber. That blend of warm and dark fruits is perfect if you like the smell of Oribe’s haircare products, plus you can spray the perfume on your hair too.

Kai - This simple perfume is a blend of gardenia and white florals, beautifully feminine and reminiscent of spring. Plus, there’s something about the packaging that feels nice.

Philosophy Fresh Cream - Though we typically think of floral scents for spring/summer, I love a warm scent like vanilla because it reminds me of an elevated sunscreen scent. This perfume is perfect for that with notes of vanilla, heliotrope, whipped ream, and macadamia nut.

Gucci Bloom - This scent reminds me of a garden in the woods, with notes of ginger, rose, jasmine, tuberose, and warm base notes of patchouli and musk.

Aerin Hibiscus Palm - Aerin, in general as a brand, always makes me think of Palm Beach and this scent just makes it even more so. The notes of lotus, hibiscus, ylang ylang, ginger, frangipani, white blossoms, vanilla, coconut milk, and musk feel like a gorgeous night on a tropical island.

coconut body latte // a DIY bath recipe

Happy Friday! I have a quick post today because I wanted to share a little DIY recipe I conjured up recently. It’s not necessary groundbreaking but the way it all worked together was just so relaxing and smelled amazing, so here we go:

I call it a “body latte” because while I was in this bath, it genuinely felt and smelled like I was soaking in a Starbucks latte. It’s super easy to make too! Just blend together ground coffee and solid coconut oil into a paste (no measurements needed, just make as much as you need). Fill up the bath (with bubbles if you’d like), wet your skin, then use the combined coffee and coconut as a scrub. What’s great about it is that it’s both exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time.

While you’re soaking in your latte, I recommend amping it up a little by adding a face mask. For this specific bath, I love using the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask because a) it’s an exfoliating mask so it serves the same purpose as the body scrub and b) it smells like pumpkin, so it kind of turns your bath into a pumpkin spice latte.

come shopping with me at ulta!


Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I went to Ulta to take advantage of their 21 Days of Beauty deals because my favorite brow product was 50% off! The sales event is still on through Saturday, April 6th so definitely check out their website to see which products will be on sale and stock up. I also wanted to share some other products I checked out while I was there and what I ended up buying.

First things first, I went straight to my Anastasia Brow Wiz. I’ve tried several different brow products and this one is definitely my favorite. I have lighter brows, so I always get the shade Taupe. I love this one because it’s easy to use and not at all messy like gels or pencils can sometimes be. It’s more like a crayon consistency but smaller, so you can make individual strokes on your brow for a really natural look.

I always like to check out the Drybar products, so the next thing I ended up buying was a travel size version of the Sparkling Soda shine spray. I’ve tried so many Drybar products and really like them all, so I’m excited to use this one. The reason I wanted to try this is because I like to add shine to my hair after curling, but oil weighs it down too much so this seemed like just the right thing. I’ve tried it once so far and like it! I can’t wait to use it when I actually style my hair all the way through, though.


Aside from some cotton rounds, the Brow Wiz and Sparkling Soda are all that I bought. However, I did leave with some new additions to my wish list. I tried out some lip color from the Popsugar collection and thought they had a cute range of shades. They seemed to all either have an orange or pink undertone which is nice because those are so flattering, although I’m personally partial to orange.

Next, I looked at the new Tarte Sugar Rush Sweet Slice Palette for eye and cheek. I always love the Tarte palettes and this one is so cute for summer! I will say I don’t necessarily love the watermelon vibe for my personal aesthetic, but it’s super cute if you’re a more colorful person. However, the shades inside are all neutral with some metallics which I love.

Super high on my wish list now is the Anastasia Loose Highlighter in the shade So Hollywood. I’ve really never used powder highlighters (maybe one product before?) but I tested this gold one out and I love it. It’s concentrated but not too much. Plus, the gold gives a really beautiful, bronze glow.


The next brand I sampled was the k-beauty brand Peach + Lily. My favorite thing I tried was the Pure Beam Luxe Oil. It feels super lightweight and it’s packed with amazing cold-pressed oils like squalane, jojoba, camellia, grapeseed, and sea buckthorn. I recently saw another brand with an oil very, very similar to this that was $109 whereas this one is only $39. Just saying!

I also tried the Little Barn Apothecary Cooling Mineral Mist. The scent was Coconut + Mint which are two of my all-time favorite scents and ingredients. This would be such a great product to take with you on a plane or to the gym for a little refresher.

I love, love, love Kopari and got to sample this Coconut Detox Mask which smells amazing. It’s like a creamy mud mask and contains nourishing, anti-inflammatory ingredients like squalane, coconut oil, and green tea.

And finally, I was really excited about this new line from Clarins called My Clarins. I’d say this is like the little sister of the regular Clarins brand (which I absolutely adore). The packaging is a little less luxe and younger and the prices are on the more affordable side. But, the products themselves felt really good on my skin so I think this is a great option for someone looking to get into a good skincare brand for less.