the weekend list no. 64

Everything is figure out-able.
— Marie Forleo
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It feels like it’s been forever since my last Weekend List, even though it’s only been two weeks. I’ve been busy with work, making plans, and doing Tracy Anderson streaming classes, which has been so incredible. Sports have been so good the past few weeks, too! Between the Women’s World Cup and Wimbledon, my weekends have been spent watching the games as much as possible. I got to spend time with my best friend Caroline. We got brunch at the cutest restaurant and spent the rest of the day doing some much needed catching up.

There are lots of fun things coming up! We have family in town and are having a big southern dinner tonight, then spending the weekend in the pool. I have morning yoga by the beach on Sunday and lots of practice for the GRE. In the next few weeks, we’ve got tickets for the Orlando Pride game and I cannot wait to see Alex Morgan, Ashlyn Harris, and Ali Krieger play!

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a sweet savannah picnic


A few weeks ago in Savannah, we had a little picnic in Forsyth Park and, despite the summer bugs, it was quite idyllic. We sat just behind the fountain, underneath a huge live oak on our cozy little Ralph Lauren blanket. I brought some pieces from home to dress it up a little, like a pair of blue milk glass cups, a white porcelain bowl for the fruit, our favorite buffalo plaid napkins from Williams-Sonoma, and the pièce de résistance, the vintage picnic basket we picked up last year from The Church Mouse in Palm Beach.

As for the food, everything was, of course, from Trader Joe’s. We had some pre-made sandwiches, grapes, kettle chips, and sparkling lemonade which was a perfect combination for such a hot day. Later, we had cups of frosé and then, for dessert we went over to Leopold’s to get ice-cream cones but the line was so long, we ended up just going to Ben & Jerry’s for Cherry Garcia which we took with us while we walked along the river (and the set of the show Ozark) back to the hotel.

the southern girl's gift guide

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Whether you’re a southern girl yourself or searching for a gift for one, this list has got you covered.

Books are always a good idea and two cute options are both from the staff at Garden & Gun. The Southerner’s Cookbook is a book of recipes and stories, from biscuits to more obscure regional specialities. The Southerner’s Handbook is filled with essays on topics from food to fashion to culture, all from G&G writers like Julia Reed and Roy Blount Jr.

A southern girl will always appreciate gifts for the kitchen. Gift her a jar of hot cinnamon peach preserves from Georgia brand Blackberry Patch or a cute magnolia-printed recipe box to store all of her old and new recipe cards.

Some practical, yet cute gift ideas are a set of gardening tools to be used in her kitchen garden or a cute pouch from Draper James. I love the What Would Dolly Do pouch and the Hello, Sugar option. A gift that will surely get a lot of use is a set of personalized notecards to be used for thank-you’s or just a quick hello. Serving both a practical and aesthetic purpose is a sweet Homesick candle with the scent of her home state.

In the fashion department, Cinq a Sept’s cute Bonjour, Y’all tee blends two favorite cultures. In the hot months (which is pretty much every month in the south), we need all the hats we can get. I recommend Southern Tide’s straw hat or this adorable, seersucker ball cap from Anna & Ava.

why the creator of fashion blog 'Magnolia Charles' loves the south

We’re about halfway through July’s all-Southern content on the blog and I’ve shared plenty of reasons why I love my home region. But, it’s always good to get an outside perspective, so I enlisted the help of Sally, creator of the truly swoon-worthy blog Magnolia Charles, who may not be from the South originally but whose passion for the region makes me so happy! I first became acquainted with Sally on Instagram after seeing her featured on the Gal Meets Glam story wearing one of their dresses while on a trip to Winter Park, which is nearby me and somewhere I spend a lot of time.

I was so glad to be able to chat with her about the reasons she loves the South, some of her local favorites, and what’s next for her when it comes to her exploration of the region.

Can you start by telling us where you’re from and where you are currently based now?

I’m originally from a very small town in the North of Germany and grew up in the country. I always wanted to venture out and moved to Hamburg for university and after finishing up to the capital of Germany, Berlin, for my first job. That’s where I’m based now for the last three years working in the fashion industry. Still I do have the feeling this is not where I belong. The big city is too big for me and the life here is hectic - comparable to New York City. My heart is definitely somewhere else.

I relate to that so much after living in New York City and feeling so strongly about coming back home to the South. So, what is it that you love most about the South?

The first thing coming to my mind while thinking about the South are oak trees, the ocean and waterways and the architecture. I have this painting in my head of those serene trees and a colonial style house with of front porch and colored window shutters. Next to the fairytale aesthetics of the South, I love the more relaxed lifestyle and friendly people. They really enjoy life in all its glory. It’s such a different life to one in a big city and much more appealing to me. And the weather is wonderful and sunny year round. It’s its own special world that I’d love to be a part of.

Being from Europe, what is it that sparked your initial interest in the South?

Sadly, I can’t remember what exactly, but it must be at least 6-8 years ago that I saw something, a book or a picture of the Lowcountry that sparked something in me and from that day on, I consumed everything I could find from books, to blogs, to movies, to documentations to fictions. It was as if I have found the place I have dreamed of and only thought would exist in fairytales. Luckily, it’s very easy these days to find inspiration and dream.

Whether it’s restaurants, shopping, or sightseeing, can you share a few of your favorite spots in the region?

I’ve only been in Charleston and Savannah yet.

Restaurants: For me as a vegetarian the Southern kitchen is not the easiest to find something in. That’s the only thing I really don’t like. Luckily, there are wonderful alternative restaurants to the traditional kitchen. Basic Kitchen in Charleston was my favorite and Public Kitchen in Savannah.

Shopping: Lake Pajamas, Beckett Boutique, Candyshop Vintage, Amanda Lindroth, all in Charleston.

Stay: Montage Palmetto Bluff (the most amazing special place that embodies all the Lowcountry has to offer), The Kehoe House in Savannah (an old inn with the friendliest atmosphere and amazing classic interior design), The Inns Charleston (stylish Airbnbs in Downtown Charleston).

Sightseeing: Magnolia Plantation, Boone Hall, Sullivans Beach

You’re so right about it being a bit of a struggle to find good plant-based food here, but thankfully I see that starting to change. Overall, what is your favorite southern city you’ve visited so far and what makes it so special?

As I said I’ve only been to two, but Charleston was my favorite place in the whole world the first time I saw pictures of it. Traveling there has confirmed all of my dreams. It combines the aesthetics of the South and a relaxing Lowcountry lifestyle with a city that has tons of culture, history and a wonderful restaurant scenery to offer. Just walking through the streets around South of Broad at sunset finishing up at the Battery overlooking the ocean and having a glass of wine in a sweet bar is the perfect evening.

The next day you can venture out to the plantations with their wonderful oak trees or the beach within 15 minutes. Everything is really close so even on a normal working day, I imagine myself biking home and sitting on the porch reading a good book. The city is so friendly and really embodies the Southern lifestyle to me.

That all sounds so perfect! What’s up next on your southern travel bucket list?

What’s actually next is hopefully moving to Charleston within the next few years and make my Lowcountry living dream a reality. Sadly, it will be a very long and difficult visa process since I’m from Europe. From that day on I want to explore all that the South has to offer. Returning to Savannah and stopping in Beaufort on the way would be great.

Also I’d love to get to know all the islands on the coast of South Carolina and Georgia: Seabrook Island, Tybee Island, Hilton Head Island, Cumberland Island and so on. Next I’d love to get to know Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana more. I’m sure there are a lot of places I don’t even know of yet and I’m keen to find them.

ten things every southern girl has at home


This month’s theme on the blog has been all things southern and I love a good list, so I put together a list of ten things I believe every southern girl keeps at home, or at the very least aspires to. Let me know which items on the list you have and which you’re in the market for!

a family heirloom
This could be anything passed down from an older member of the family, from china collections and tea services to a string of pearls or a great piece of furniture. In addition to some china and pottery, my favorite family heirloom is a framed collection of jewelry from family members dating back to the early 1800s.

custom monogram
You’ll find it on hand towels, cocktail napkins, pillowcases, shot glasses, weekender bags, note cards, slippers, and anything else that doesn’t move.

mason jars
They work well for so many different things. Use them for a flower arrangement, to drink sweet tea, or to store your homemade preserves.

cast iron skillet
A well-seasoned one to cook everything from cornbread and greens to biscuit peach cobbler and frittatas.

special thank-you notes
A southern woman always has a stack of thank-you notes in her desk to send out after lunch with a friend or receiving a gift. I love what they have to offer at Smythson, Rifle Paper Co., Mark and Graham, Paperchase, and even Target.

something wicker
This could be a chair, a side table, a tray, or even a light fixture, but wicker is a quintessentially southern texture you’ll find somewhere in any southern woman’s home.

old bay seasoning
This classic spice mix is great for chicken and seafood, but it’s also really good on oven fries, deviled eggs, popcorn, and corn-on-the-cob.

china passed down from grandma
Whether it’s something she picked up at an antique store herself or bought new for her wedding, grandma’s china is a southern decor staple. I have my paternal grandma’s tea service and a few pieces from my maternal grandma’s collection of Delft pottery.

bar accessories
No southern home is complete without a cocktail kit, no? Be sure to have some shakers, corkscrews, strainers, muddlers, and mixing spoons on your bar cart to whip up whatever your guests have in mind.

something gingham
This is a super versatile category, but I can almost guarantee you’ll find something gingham in every southern home whether it’s a picnic blanket/tablecloth, cloth napkins, a throw pillow, or even a piece of statement furniture.