Sustainable Minimalism with Sydney Brown

I absolutely love finding those rare brands that offer beautifully designed, minimalist-inspired products that are also eco-friendly, sustainably designed and sourced, and vegan. With the surge in popularity of wellness in recent years, one would think there would be a proliferation of eco-friendly companies for every style but that just isn't the case. 

Bearing this in mind, I'm very excited about the relaunch of Sydney Brown, a luxury footwear brand with a minimalist, sculptural aesthetic and a commitment to sustainable production. In keeping with Japanese-inspired design, the brand feels deeply rooted in nature. The use of shaven cork, grains, and cotton has a way of grounding you closer to the earth when you wear the shoes. Plus, some of the designs feature iridescent wooden platforms which reflect a glowing rainbow in the light which is such a fun surprise.

Lucky for us, the new relaunch will include the brand's first line of sneakers. They're incredibly cool, too----there's a sneaker with cut-outs!

I find that Sydney Brown's shoes are great for the modern environmentalist---the girls who demand eco-friendly products but who are also very concerned with design. These are just as much for the California girl as they are the New York girl, the Tokyo girl, and the Bondi Beach girl. I can see them with white boho dresses, jeans and a t-shirt, or even just a swimsuit on vacation. They're classic with an edge, simple with a twist, and most importantly, you can trust that your spending is a vote for ethical fashion.