The Girl Friday: Sophia


Sophia and I were interns together a few years ago and when I first met her, I immediately knew that she was as elegant and cultured as she turned out to be. I fondly remember going to Brooklyn together once to watch one of France's games on television at Bar Tabac during the World Cup. The place was so packed we could barely see, so we ended up watching the France game at a deserted Irish pub down the street. I also have her to thank for my obsession with Stromae. Whenever I think of my most sophisticated friends, Sophia is definitely one of them and I think her thoughts below will make that quite clear.

Favorite Beauty Brands
Bumble & Bumble, Clinique, Stila.

Favorite Indulgence
"McDonald's is my guilty pleasure. I'm probably there once a week!"

Go-To Snack
An apple or a peach.

Favorite Piece in Wardrobe
"My black Ralph Lauren sweater shirtdress. I've had it for years and the quality is still amazing and it goes with everything!"

In an alternate universe, what career would you pursue?
"If we could dial back time a few centuries, I would definitely be a cartographer or an explorer."

Who are your five ideal celebrity dinner party guests?
Priyanka Chopra, Hafiz, Socrates, Michelle Obama, and, of course, David Beckham!

Who is your wellness idol?
Jessica Alba

Who inspires you to be healthier?
"People who run marathons. I find long-distance running so inspiring, and I figure that if people run for miles on end, working out once in awhile is the least I can do."

Most Recent Binge Watch
"Orphan Black--so addicting!"

What album are you listening to?
The Weekend's Starboy.

Top 3 Places on Current Travel Wish List
Madrid, Spain; Samarkand, Uzbekistan; Isfahan, Iran.

What do you currently do?
Student, currently studying for a Master's degree in International Development.

Where are you located?
Paris, France

Astrological Sign

How would you describe your aesthetic?
"Definitely classic, lots of black with pops of color and I never leave the house without earrings (the bigger the better)."

Girl Crush:
Alicia Vikander

Boy Crush:
"I've been crazy for David Beckham for more than a decade!"

Favorite Scent
"My favorite scent is probably fire but my favorite perfume is hands down Armani's Acqua di Gioia."

Favorite Film
"I recently saw a French movie called Divines and it blew my mind. Incredible."

Favorite Book
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Favorite City
Toulouse or Barcelona

Favorite Restaurant
"I love Italian food (who doesn't?) and there's a great place in my neighborhood called Ober Mamma. Unfortunately, everyone else has also realized how great it is, so the line is always out the door."

Go-To Workout
"Soccer! I've been playing since I was five."