a tea + my thoughts // no. 3


Happy Monday! If I’m being honest, I don’t have a ton of “thoughts” for today’s post, just three simple ones. As for the tea this month (should I really be calling this post series “Spilling the Tea”? haha), I just wanted to share with you that Grove Collaborative has a new line of tea! We got the classic English Breakfast and I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the quality is excellent.

The tea comes in silk sachets and you can see the large clippings, which means it is of a more high end quality than your typical paper tea bags. Definitely recommend! I had some this weekend with an easy tea sandwich made with rye bread, Vegenaise, sliced cucumber, and dill. So good.

Okay, onto the thoughts:

where would you live? // I was thinking about the question of where I would want to live abroad if I could pick anywhere in the world which led me to trying to pick a location on every livable continent. It was pretty hard! But I think at the moment, it would be London or Copenhagen in Europe, Bali in Asia, Windhoek or Johannesburg in Africa, Costa Rica or Buenos Aires in South America, Sydney in Australia (for Bondi Beach), and too many to choose from in North America where I’m from!

artificial intelligence bias // A lot of projects I’ve been working on lately have been vaguely related to the issue of bias in artificial intelligence and why it’s so important to have diversity in the teams that are developing AI, because ultimately AI is created by human minds and therefore our biases are passed on. For instance, studies have shown that driverless cars are less likely to register the presence of darker skinned individuals. This is a good article on the topic.

queer eye season 3 // Everyone knows I love Queer Eye and everyone I know loves Queer Eye so needless to say, I have been so excited that the boys are back for season three. I’m a few episodes in and wow, it does not ever disappoint! The very first makeover actually shook me to my core and I’m perpetually amazed at how they are not only so skilled at what they do but are very thoughtful and never strip the personality away from an individual. Unfortunately, that’s something that happened so often on older makeover shows and I’m beyond happy to know the boys don’t do that. Also, just the emotions and the positive messages make me so happy!

the weekend list no. 56

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.
— Frida Kahlo
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.54.48 AM.png

I think my low was just feeling sort of unproductive lately and just unable to get into my work flow like I usually do. But I have to say, yesterday was totally different and I ended up having the most productive day ever. I think a lot of the lost productivity was because mercury is in retrograde for real. So many random mishaps kept happening! Dumb. But it’s okay now!

My high is that I got to interview for a position at my dream company last week! I would absolutely love to get the job but even if I end up not getting it, I’m just super honored to have even been called into interview for it because I’ve got to say it’s a pretty prestigious position!

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.54.52 AM.png

This is going to sound like deja vu because I said the same thing a few weekends ago but it ended up not happening. Going to Jacksonville today to hang out with family and potentially get some ice-cream, which is always a good thing! Tomorrow, I’m back to my new routine of laying by the pool every Sunday to get some sun before vacation. It’s been so nice! I take my magazines and books over, put on a Spotify playlist, and usually end up staying way longer than expected.

Jane recommended five gorgeous fashion films. I personally love Personal Shopper.

This swimsuit is EVERYTHING.

This choreography is so fun, oh my god! Love Sean & Kaycee.

Watch this one too because I’m obsessed with this song.

Love these 2019 workplace trends! It’s about time.

How gorgeous is this dress? It’d be so beautiful for something like prom or if you have an event coming up.

What to do with all of your leftover citrus peels.

Such a good article from Goop about yoga.

I love the online store Motherland and am desperately wanting to order these mulberry preserves that have a great story behind them.

Have you watched Free Solo yet? It’s an incredibly done documentary, but I completely agree with the author of this article about how it is so indicative of toxic masculinity.

I always love Chrissy’s picks, but these spring pieces for your closet are especially good.

pieces to refresh your home for spring under $100

Copy of Dapper (2).png

Home decor is an interesting thing because it’s not often that we refresh our decor the same way we might do with clothes or beauty products. The only real time most people bring in new pieces for a season is around Christmas, but why not do the same for a little spring refresh? Here are a couple ways to invite spring into your home without having to change up everything!

Serena + Lily Placemat These pair perfectly with a white place setting or even blue-and-white China.

John Robshaw Flat Sheet Pop a blue-and-white flat sheet on your bed to add something new to your bedroom.

One Kings Lane Recycled Glass Vase I love any vessel that’s beachy and organic for this time of year. Fill this vase or one like it with your springiest flowers, like a white hydrangea.

Pottery Barn White Pitcher For your next dinner or lunch, set out your house drink in a gorgeous pitcher to pour into glasses right at the table. May I suggest a sweet tea or even a sangria?

One Kings Lane Art Print Changing up your wall art can make such a huge difference! I love the bold contrast in this piece of art and that it features an organic subject which seems right for spring.

Amanda Lindroth Rattan Glasses These my absolute favorite glasses and really give off that bohemian Malibu vibe by bringing more rattan into your space.

One Kings Lane Planter Swap out heavier materials for this chic, contemporary planter to hold your indoor plants or patio topiaries.

Diptyque Baies Room Spray The baies scent from Diptyque literally translates to berries, which makes it a great option for your signature spring scent.

TJ Max Gingham Pillow Another super easy way to update your space for the new season is by swapping out throw pillows on your couches, chairs, and beds. I, of course, love a subtle gingham.

13 products to bring spring into your beauty + wellness routine

Copy of Dapper (2).png

As soon as spring hits, I love incorporating all things floral and herbal into my beauty routine to celebrate the season. Aside from the beautiful smells, botanicals can be so good for your skin and are super refreshing after a long winter. Here are my thirteen picks to make you feel like a little rosebud! Side note, I thought of another product at the last minute and couldn’t post this list without sharing it. That’s Weleda’s Wild Rose body wash which will legitimately make your shower feel like a greenhouse.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Sexy Sienna | The perfect coral lipstick.

Tea Forte Green Mango Peach Tea | A sweet tropical blend topped off with peppermint and ginger.

Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume | A beautiful rose scent with woodsy cedar and amber.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist | Perfect for a mid-day refresh or to prep your skin before makeup.

Bybi Beauty Strawberry Oil Booster | Add this booster oil to your serums or creams for an extra glow.

Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil | A blend of florals and vitamins for moisture and skin protection.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask | A multi-hyaluronic hydrating mask made with thirteen flower blends.

Tenoverten Watts 037 Nail Polish | Non-toxic nail polish in a punchy spring pink.

Tenoverten Liberty Nail Polish | Or a more subdued, feminine shade of mint.

Soap Cherie Herbal Bath Blend | A super luxurious soak with lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and more.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle | My go-to candle in the summer months because the scent is just too good.

Vitruvi Essential Oil in Grove | A blend of spruce and pine that smells like a rainy hike in the woods.

Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish | A soft body scrub with a scent that hints at rose and coconut.

one year update: 101 in 1001 goals


Back in September for my six month update, I had achieved 35 out of the 101 goals and today, I’m at 40. I haven’t made a ton of progress on checking things off it may seem, but that’s because a lot of these are longer term goals (like reading 150 books) or have a set date in the future. A lot of new things will be crossed off this May, so I think by my 18 month update in September, I’ll have a lot more finished.

One thing to note is that I have changed a few items on this list that were New York specific because I no longer live there, so it’s not really as feasible to get done. Okay! Here are the things I’ve checked off since last September:

  • Learn and wear an elaborate braided hairstyle

  • Take three different fitness classes

  • Fill out the monthly reflection pages in my Passion Planner for a year

  • Meet or connect with three bloggers I admire

  • Redesign some elements of the blog

Start Date: March 10th, 2018 | End Date: 4 December 2020

Personal Development (10/20)
Vote in the 2020 election
Read 150 books (68/150)
Go to the chiropractor
Join a gym that I love
Take a fun, creative class
Donate to 3 charities (3/3)
Learn and wear an elaborate braided hairstyle
Finish re-reading the Harry Potter series
Treat my mom to a trip or other big gift
Read all of Proust's In Search of Lost Time
Get genetic DNA testing
Go to a protest or political event
Go to a new art museum
Revisit the American wing at the Met
Get my balayage highlights redone
Get a facial
Get a massage
Take three different fitness classes (3/3)
Fill out the monthly reflection pages in my Passion Planner for a year

Professional (10/15)
Update my resume
Go to a networking event
Buy a DSLR camera
Start a side photography business
Finish writing a novel
Read 3 new professional development books (3/3)
Film a "Travel With Me" vlog
Meet or connect with three bloggers I admire (3/3)
Go to a launch party
Take a new headshot
Meet my personal income goals
Start investing
Send thank-you notes to people who have helped my career
Mentor someone younger/earlier in their career
Find a mentor

Home (3/10)
Sign a new apartment lease
Move to a neighborhood that I love
Buy groceries at the farmer's market
Update my bedroom at home
Buy a Smeg appliance
Organize digital photo library
Sort through and donate books
Type up all of my journals
Make 3 fun cocktails
Make 5 recipes from Pinterest (5/5)
Baking (4/10)
Bake a very intricate pie
Make gingham sugar cookies
Bake macarons
Take a baking class
Bake a unique bread recipe
Bake homemade Poptarts
Make a perfect souffle
Try 3 baked desserts I haven't tried before (3/3)
Bake blueberry scones
Bake something from KawaiiSweetWorld's channel

Travel (5/20)
Make another trip abroad
Go to Palm Beach
Visit Harry Potter world
Get Global Entry pass
Dine at a Michelin starred restaurant
Take a long weekend trip to Austin, Texas
Visit Japan
Do a fun staycation in Florida
See the James Turrell light exhibit at MoMA PS1
Do the Harry Potter Studio Tour
Drink cider at a biergarten in the fall
Drive to Savannah one weekend
Stay in a unique Airbnb
Visit Montreal & Quebec City
Go to a beach outside of Florida
Book a trip for my 27th birthday
Visit a castle
Take a trip to Charleston
Eat a unique ice-cream flavor at a cool shop
Have a cupcake from Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Just For Fun (8/26)
Go to a concert
Watch all of the Best Picture nominees in a year
Dress as Lara Croft for Halloween
Celebrate my 26th & 27th birthdays (1/2)
See 3 Broadway or off-Broadway shows (1/3)
Watch a live tennis match
Watch the 2018 World Cup
Sign up for MoviePass
See Taylor Swift in concert
Redesign some elements of the blog
See the Nutcracker
Get my makeup done professionally
Go to a live talk show
Leave a 100% tip
Watch every Audrey Hepburn film
Go to a food hall
Send photo Christmas cards
Buy an investment handbag
Buy new clear or rose quartz glases
Drink a bottle of Veuve Clicquot
Finally watch "The Wire"
Go to a music festival
Find a new signature perfume
Make a short film
Find + buy something I love at a vintage store
Throw a themed dinner party