Sunday Morning in the City


Last weekend, I had the most relaxing Sunday morning in the city. The weather was perfect...sunny and warm but not boiling hot, just warm enough to sit outside at a sidewalk cafe. This was one of those days that reminded me how in love I am with New York, especially the fact that I meet more new people in the city than anywhere else in the world. It's so easy and natural to do and always makes me feel really at home. 

After a last minute morning meeting in SoHo, I headed out to Bluebell Cafe for breakfast. They have really good Eggs Benedict and these great tables by the window that are perfect for people watching. Although, I didn't do much of that this time because I ended up reading the Sunday Times given to me by a sweet man one table over. 

After breakfast, I took a late morning nap then went down to read the rest of the paper at Washington Square Park with my favorite juice from Pressed Juicery (Citrus 1). At first, I picked an awkward spot next to Larry the Birdman then moved down the path a bit across from some guys practicing Arctic Monkey songs on various instruments. I met an older man who used to manage Miles Davis and is trying to get Lady Gaga to buy a piece of his artwork for an album cover. 

After awhile, I got hungry again and went over to Veselka for my favorite pierogi and raspberry lemonade. The girls at the table in front of me had the cutest dog, Irving who I just could not stop staring at and then I had a great conversation with the next person who took the table. Seriously, my favorite thing about New York is how easy it is to have good conversations with strangers. Do you guys ever notice that when you're there too?

Warm Weather Office Style

During the summer, it can be so hard figuring out what to wear to the office! By the beginning of June, I rule out my typical black skinny jeans altogether because it's just too hot. I opt for breezy dresses under blazers as well as light cardigans paired with skirts. If you choose to wear a trouser, try one with a wide leg in a light fabric. Here's three ideas for keeping cool at work during the summer.

Linen Blazer, Breezy Dress, Pumps, Delicate Jewelry

Sleeveless Top, Cropped Breezy Trousers, Heels, Gold Jewelry

Light Cardigan, Tank Top, Skirt, Block Heels 

5 Treats to Try in New York


One of my favorite things to do after dinner is walk around the city in the fresh air in search of a good dessert. There are so many places to get a delicious treat in New York, but here are five you should put on your list immediately! 

Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream at Taiyaki
Have you tried green tea ice-cream? It's one of my very favorite flavors! Whether or not you've tried it, head to Taiyaki in Chinatown for a scoop in a fish-shaped cone. 

Belgian Waffle at Le Pain Quotidien
There's a lot of great baked goods at Le Pain Quotidien, but the absolute best thing is the Belgian waffle with melted chocolate. It's so simple but so delicious. The best part is that the chocolate isn't super sweet like Nutella, so it isn't an overpowering or saccharine dessert. It's especially good with an iced chai.

Banana Chocolate Chip Gelato at Eataly
Out of all the flavors of gelato at Eataly, I adore the banana chocolate chip. It feels like a classic, but the banana flavor gives it a unique twist. Just a small cup will be enough for an after dinner treat!

Egg Cream at Brooklyn Farmacy
If you haven't tried an egg cream, head to New York and find one immediately. A great bet is Brooklyn Farmacy in Carroll Gardens. They have several egg cream variations, but go for the classic option. It's just carbonated water, milk, and chocolate syrup but it is so delicious! Pair with a grilled cheese if you'd like.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie at Levain Bakery
The cookies at Levain Bakery are famous for their huge, chewy almost doughy cookies. Try the chocolate chip walnut cookie with a big glass of almond milk or lemonade.

The Weekend List {No. 13}

Happy Saturday! This weekend, my mum will be here to help me pack up my apartment (more on that later) and I'm so excited. We're going to have movies playing in the background (any suggestions? We're planning on things like Les Mis, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Boyhood which we've seen a million times) and some good playlists to make the packing/cleaning process more fun. 

Here is an interesting history of the New York City subway system, particularly with regards to its decline and this year's Summer of Hell.

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