Beauty Products I Want to Try

Pixi | Glow Tonic
This firming toner is found in the beauty routines of Jourdan Dunn and Ellie Goulding. I've been seeing it everywhere and the price point is great.

Glossier | Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
The detoxifying face mask is formulated with white kaolin clay, spinach, and avocado oil which makes it an interesting find. Plus, everything Glossier does is perfect.

Herbivore | Blue Tansy
I've been dying to try Herbivore products and I think Blue Tansy would be a great place to start. It's an AHA/BHA resurfacing mask formulated with blue tansy oil, white willow bark, and enzymes from papaya and pineapple. This kind of exfoliant will be useful for dry patches that develop during the colder months.

Babe | Coffee Body Scrub
This Australian brand makes three variations of their dry body scrub and I'd particularly like to try the coffee variation since caffeine is so good for combating cellulite. 

Laura Mercier | Almond Coconut Honey Bath
Since warm baths are a staple in any fall beauty routine, I want to find new ways to enhance mine. Typically, I use epsom salts but I'd love to try Laura Mercier's almond coconut honey bath which apparently smells like a French patisserie. 

Son & Park | Beauty Water
I don't know much about this brand, but I saw the packaging on Sephora's website and just loved it. The beauty water is a toning and cleansing water which can be used as a primer.

Kora Organics | Hydrating Mask
As a fan of Miranda Kerr, I've wanted to try her product line for some time. The packaging is pretty and the ingredients are 98% natural and organic.

Byredo | Mojave Ghost Hair Perfume
I covet all Byredo products because of the sleek packaging but was drawn to this specific product because I love the name Mojave Ghost. The idea of a hair perfume is cool and kind of reminds me of something Jeanne Damas might use.

What products are you dying to try?


Graphic T-Shirts for Every Vibe

Chinti & Parker | Stella McCartney | Topshop | Bella Freud | Acne Studios | Kenzo | Gucci | Marni | R13

Bookshelf: Politics

With this year's election being such a massive, scary joke, let's talk about some politically oriented books that can inspire us all instead!

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
Reading the book that inspired the musical, you can't help but be inspired and moved by Hamilton's tenacity and true patriotism. 

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin
This fascinating book about Lincoln's leadership style as well as other members of his cabinet put this year's politics to shame.

Selected Political Speeches of Cicero
A beautiful compilation of speeches from one of history's greatest orators ranging in topics from defending individuals to fighting corruption.

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
A particularly timely and jarring dystopian society where extremist Judeo-Christian values have become the foundation for a militaristic dictatorship following a staged terrorist attack blamed on Muslims. 

Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon & Shana Knizhnik
An homage to the queen, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

Animal Farm by George Orwell
The classic tale of farm animals who serve as an allegory of the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. I remember reading this in middle school and I've honestly been interested in politics ever since.

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close
On a lighter note, this novel is about a D.C. couple who face corruption and status obsession as they become intermixed with the professional political set.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
The ultimate political read, The Prince covers a many number of concepts ranging from realpolitik to free will and virtue.

5 Easy, Classic Fall Outfits

Especially when it's cold and dark outside in the latter months of the year, I like to have a few, easy and classic outfit formulas in the back of my mind so that getting dressed in the morning is quick and seamless. 

Black Turtleneck + High Waist Jeans + Slim Belt

Trench Coat + Black Pants + Lace Up Flat

Trench + Striped Tee + Black Pants + Black Loafer

Black Skinny Pants + Cable Knit Sweater  + Ankle Boots

Thin Turtleneck + Sweater + Skirt + Boots

When getting dressed is this easy, you can't help but feel the need to do strange poses for mirror pictures, you know?

Creating Your Fall Detox


Skin + Body

  • Dry Brushing
    Before your showers and baths, take the time to dry brush your body in order to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins, and remove dead skin cells.
  • Detoxifying Bath Soak
    Once or twice a week, add a detoxifying soak to your warm baths. Choose the soak based on the issues you are facing which, in the colder seasons, tend to consist of muscle aches, colds and flus, and fevers. 
  • Moisturizing Primer
    In the morning, create your own moisturizing primer before applying your makeup. Simply blend together a facial mist with your favorite moisturizer and apply while massaging the face and neck. This will not only help to moisturize dry cold-weather skin, but will prime your face so that makeup lasts much longer.
  • Elevated Hydration 
    To kick off your detox, aim to drink a few extra cups of water beyond the daily recommended amount. Elevate your water by adding a squeeze of lemon juice and honey or a few drops of liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a handful of benefits including the fact that it is a detoxifying cleanser for the body, plus it tastes oddly good.
  • Hot Stone Massage
    As the weather gets colder, book yourself a hot stone massage to reduce aches and encourage blood flow in addition to obviously being incredibly relaxing.
  • Infrared Sauna
    Spending time in the infrared sauna is yet another great way to detox the body, improve circulation, and improve your skin. If possible, spend the day at a spa with an infrared sauna when you get your hot stone massage. You can even buy one of the saunas online for your home, which is incredibly tempting.
  • Practice Yoga Daily
    Whether this is in addition to your regular workout or takes place on rest day, I highly suggest taking even the smallest amount of time each day to practice restorative yoga. On days when you aren't feeling it, at least cycle through a few sun salutations---I promise, doing anything will make you feel better.
  • Ayurvedic Foods 
    Begin introducing seasonal ayurvedic foods into your diet. For autumn, this means focusing on foods that balance the vata dosha such as oily, high-protein, high-fat, warming foods that are sweet, sour, or salty. Some recommendations are honey, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, cooked apples, avocados, pumpkins, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, miso, kidney beans, nuts and seeds, ghee, kefir, and maple syrup----so, basically everything you already want! Banyan Botanicals has a lot more great ideas for balancing vata.


  • Treat Yourself
    Take time to relax and do whatever you feel like doing, whether that is reading Voltaire or watching The Mindy Project. Whatever you choose, I recommend wearing a cozy robe.
  • Daily Meditation
    In conjunction with daily yoga practice, aim to make time for daily meditation. Five to fifteen minutes per day is enough to calm the mind, focus on new goals, and begin healing internal conflicts. 
  • Set New Goals
    Autumn always feels like the mental new year for me, possibly because I've been in school for the majority of my life. This season is a great time for new inspiration, starting new projects, and setting new goals. Buy yourself a cute notebook and begin determining what things you would like to work on through the winter.
  • Journal
    Journaling is a great add-on to any meditation practice, as it allows you to release negative emotions but also keep track of internal and external progress. I like Alex Ikonn's Five Minute Journal in particular because it has guiding prompts, but an empty notebook is perfect for more emotional journals.


  • Purge Your Belongings
    Clear your home of any old papers, unnecessary clutter, and even decor items that no longer work in the space. For the longest time, I wasn't totally happy with my kitchen. I always felt like it was too cluttered and overwhelming. The other day, I removed a basket from the counter and replaced with with a single candle and it totally changed the feel of the entire space. 
  • Light Your Candles
    Speaking of candles (as I often do), they really make a huge difference in setting the mood of your environment. For autumn, choose candles with warm, woodsy, oriental scents like these. The calming scent and flicker of the flame can be the perfect remedy for relaxation.
  • Burn Sage
    Cleanse the energy of your space by burning a sage smudge stick in the corners of each room. You can also experiment with burning Palo Santo for different autumnal aroma. 
  • Clean with Essential Oils
    Perform a deep cleanse of your countertops, bathrooms, and appliances using a nice blend of essential oils. For an even better cleaning ritual, burn your candles and turn on a relaxing playlist as well.

How do you like to prepare your mind, body, and home for fall?

What I Want To Wear Right Now

It's simple, really. In the daytime, I want to be in a pair of high-waisted jeans--black or mid-wash blue--and rotate between cozy sweaters and the white oxford plus trench coat combination. In a perfect world, I'd be constantly wrapped in cashmere. I want to be wearing those Gucci fur loafers that don't seem to be going away anytime soon. Every time I see them, they just get cooler. At night, I'm wearing that magical star embellished Valentino gown or I'm a folkloric Russian princess in a spooky Vilshenko. Seriously, I just want to be spooky so give me flatforms, too. Ultimately, I'd like to end up in a silk-cashmere blend track suit from Olivia von Halle to satiate my constant need for cozy.

By Chloe

Sweets by Chloe, 185 Bleecker Street

Sweets by Chloe, 185 Bleecker Street

The vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli is everywhere these days. It's surreal for me to see because I've followed her career for quite some time---starting with her winning appearance on Cupcake Wars---and have cooked my way through her several cookbooks with my mom. Our family is obsessed with Chloe's recipes!

So, when she launched her first restaurant on Bleecker Street, I was incredibly excited to try it out. Before I even had the chance to visit, she had already opened two more locations and, most recently, Sweets by Chloe which is situated next door to the flagship location in the West Village. 

On my first trip, I ordered the avocado pesto pasta because it happens to be my very favorite recipe from Chloe's cookbooks. I've since tried the mac + cheese, classic burger, and air-baked french fries with beet ketchup. You guys, beet ketchup is unexpectedly delicious. You've gotta try it.

While at the Bleecker location, there was a fairly long wait for the food. It wasn't a problem at all---we were enjoying sitting outside at a table and happy that Chloe is seeing so much success, especially from people who don't even consider themselves vegan. However, her staff was kind enough to let us have our food for free because of the wait. Plus, they gave us a few free treats! So, I was able to try the "Chlostess" cupcake (another recipe I've made at home), matcha babka, and a few other desserts.

At the Flatiron location, I tried Chloe's kale-cookies-and-cream ice-cream, which I had heard about previously and was intrigued to try. It was delicious! It may sound a bit odd and it has a slightly green tinge but you don't taste the kale and would never know that it was vegan. 

By Chloe has rapidly expanded and now has locations in New York, Boston, and Silver Lake. Next time you're in one of those areas, I highly suggest that you try something (or everything) on the menu whether or not you follow a "vegan" diet. 

By Chloe, 185 Bleecker Street

By Chloe, 185 Bleecker Street


What to Wear: Halloween

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

In theory, I love Halloween---mostly because it's part of the autumn season and because I have a thing for gothic-inspired accessories (see for inspiration: Grimes). A lovely pair of patent, lug-sole flatforms really do the trick when you want to feel a little bit cooler. So, yes, Halloween is a always a good time in theory but in recent years, I never end up doing much! However, I like to have a few easy, relatively fashion-centric costume ideas in my arsenal. Here are a few ideas for this year that use pieces you may already own.

Goth Pilgrim

This is one way to highlight all of the great Victoriana pieces that we're seeing everywhere.

Eleven from Stranger Things

Timely, relevant, and super easy.

Chic Bunny

If you have a fuzzy sweater, all you need is a pair of lace bunny ears.

New York Packing List

The Packing List

Casual Dress
Night Dress
Ballet Flats
Statement Flats
Athletic Shoe
Ankle Boot

Favorite Blouse
White T-Shirt
Black Leggings
Skinny Jeans
Simple Skirt


Packing for travel can be difficult for many. Over-packing is hard to avoid because you never know when you might need that one item you left behind. I've come up with a simple formula that works for trips to just about any remotely metropolitan city. Use the vague packing list above and adapt it to your personal style and your destination.

A jacket for New York in the fall will likely be quite different than a jacket for Paris in the summer. Ankle boots for London will probably have a different look than ankle boots for Austin. Scarves are always changing seasonally and dresses make such a statement that it's all up to your personal style. You get the idea!

The main thing is to focus on mixing and matching your looks, thinking ahead, utilizing pieces that work for many different situations, and using shoes and accessories to add personality to your neutral basics. 

Packing light really does make things easier, so try to think of packing as creating a capsule wardrobe for the season, activities, and your destination instead of packing everything you own just in case.

Where to Relax in New York

Despite all its magic, you can easily reach a point of exhaustion in New York. It's that moment when you just want to sit somewhere for an hour or two without disruption and not feel like you're being rushed along. For the times when you need a bit of space, I recommend the five following locations to relax.

Housing Works
As obsessed as I may be with The Strand, it isn't the greatest place to relax. However, Housing Works Bookstore in Soho is that place. The store is cozy with Harry Potter-esque spiral stairwells and a little coffee shop in the back. There is a good selection of tables and chairs, so you can post up and actually read a book for awhile. 

Le Pain Quotidien
Convenient considering its many locations, Le Pain Quotidien bakeries are great for lingering with a cup of a cider or cafe au lait and a vegan pastry. You can choose to sit at a communal or private table and have plenty of space to stretch out. The Flatiron location is one of my favorites because of outdoor seating on the second floor.

The Ace Hotel Lobby
A favorite of mine especially for working on the blog or other projects, The Ace Hotel lobby is somewhere I often take refuge. There is a Stumptown coffee shop in the front and tons of comfy chairs and couches plus a photo booth, bar, restaurant, and clean bathrooms which can be hard to find. It can get busy here, but everyone tends to be very chill so you don't feel any sort of pressure.

Union Square Park & Madison Square Park
I love visiting these smaller parks at just about any time during the day. Even when they are crowded, it's usually not hard to find a place to sit and relax outdoors. Union Square Park has the benefit of being close to many cafes and juice places while Madison Square Park has a dog run. 

Aire Ancient Baths
For deep relaxation, head to Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca where you will feel like you're actually somewhere in the Ottoman Empire. You can spend the day here, rotating between several pools including a salt bath or book a private bath and massage.

Paris Fashion Week

The appearance of a Parisian ASIMO lookalike on Chanel's runway was enough to make this PWF a great one but the seemingly good vibes were also a plus. As usual, my go-to spot for fashion month updates was not a website nor a magazine but Eva Chen's Instagram story. From the graphic tees to the street style, it seems as if joie de vivre is the common look along with Victoriana details and warm color schemes. It reads a bit like a gothic fairytale but without any monsters, just chilled out models with makeup free faces and glasses of champagne.

Look 1

Look 2

5 Restaurants to Try in New York

Two Hands

The vibe is beachy and laid back with tables that are perfect for flat lays and lots of Bondi Beach photographs on the walls. Highly recommended are the avocado toast (with pickled shallots and chili flakes) and their delicious flat white made by one of the Hemsworth-caliber Aussie baristas.

Bluestone Lane

West Village
Another great Australian place in the city, Bluestone Lane has a couple of locations but I'm partial to the West Village Collective Cafe. Sit outside if you can and enjoy the weather while you spend far too long trying to decide what to order. To make things easy, go for the chai (best I've ever had) and gluten-free banana bread.

By Chloe

West Village
Many of you know that I've followed Chloe Coscarelli's career for years now, having cooked my way through several of her amazing vegan cookbooks. Now that she has an ever-expanding restaurant empire, I'm so glad that more people can experience her food. If you like spicy food, try the guac burger. Otherwise, go for the classic burger with air-baked fries and kale cookies-and-cream ice-cream for dessert.

The Smile

Yes, it's frequented by the likes of Gigi and Kendall (who sat at the table next to me last week wearing Beetlejuice pants) but the real draw is the atmosphere. It's downstairs, dark and kind of divey but altogether cozy and a great place to start the day with late breakfast. In the morning, I like the fruit salad which consists of plums, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, and melon.


East Village
Veselka is a well-known favorite of mine. Most people, myself included, tend to go for the pierogi but they actually have a lot more to offer. The eggs benedict are delicious and they're open 24 hours, which can be a lifesaver. 

10 Ways to Wear a Striped T-Shirt

Biker jacket, boyfriend jeans, lace-up flats

Navy blazer, skinny jeans, white converse

Camel coat, white jeans, black loafers

High-waist kick flare jeans + espadrilles

High-waist black jeans + sandals

High-waist jeans, ballet flats, neck scarf

Cozy cardigan, leather leggings, lace-up shoe

Barbour jacket, dark wash jeans, wellies

Cuffed jeans, statement ankle boots

Trench Coat, pencil skirt, Stan Smiths

New York Moments & a Vlog

I'm going to start this post with a small, sort-of "only in New York" anecdote. Like every other living human, I'm really into Hamilton. I always had this idea in my head that if I ever saw Lin-Manuel on the street, I would stop everything and sing part of "My Shot", hoping that he would agree to sing with me in a video. I decided that this is what would happen and it would be super funny and really cool. In reality, we were going to have lunch at Sweetgreen last week when the mythical Lin-Manuel himself walked by us. Did I sing? Did I take a photo with him? Did I even say hello, I love your musical? No, I did not. I literally just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk before hydroplaning to the side and burrowing my face in the window of a Maison Kitsune. As he descended into the subway across the street, all I could do was mutter "L-L-Lin-Manuel?" before making a decent Instagram story discussing how I actually threw away my shot. 

I trust that you guys totally understand the city's magic and its frustrations and comedy. There are so many obviously great things to love and all sorts of weird things that become normal despite their relative absurdity. Ultimately, the city's magic is the people. As lame as it sounds, it's the truth.

Milan Fashion Week

Everything in Milan is all Gucci these days and, while I'm not the biggest fan of maximalism, I can't say that I am upset. The layered on accessories and feminine quirk allow the eye to travel and promote a sense of individuality that we once saw primarily in London. Below, my street style picks lean away from Gucci maximalism but crash together classic ideas with little pieces of off-kilter joy.

Look 1

Look 2

Wish List: A.P.C.

The french fashion house A.P.C. is one of my current obsessions. I could see each of their minimalist pieces being worn by all of my fashion icons from Audrey Hepburn to Jeanne Damas. The pieces are classic and simple yet high-quality and well designed. To me, a simple, well-designed piece of clothing is the height of luxury. To invest in impeccably made basics is to improve one's wardrobe infinitely. 

Fall Handbag Round-Up

Chloe | Fendi | Topshop | H&M | Cuyana | Kate Spade | Mansur Gavriel | Sophie Hulme | Chloe

5 Fall Outfits for Work

Cozy Sweater + Leather Skirt + Snakeskin Pumps + Gold Accessories

Jeweled Sweater + Dark Wash Skinny Jeans + Nude Flats + Burgundy Bag

Gingham Shirt + Sleeveless Navy Dress + Nude Pumps + Statement Necklace

Camel Coat + Black Blouse + Black Pencil Skirt + Statement Shoe

White oxford + Green Sweater + Green Textured Skirt + Snakeskin Pumps

In-Flight Beauty

After Boarding

Remove all makeup.
Using either a travel sized bottle of micellar water and a cotton round or your favorite cleansing wipes, remove every trace of makeup once you have settled into your seat. This will help prevent clogging and breakouts, but will also make room for the treatments you will do on the flight. 
Recommended Products: Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water or La-Roche Posay Effaclar Wipes (found these while traveling).

Use a hydrating mist.
After removing all of your makeup, prepare your skin with a hydrating mist that doubles as a toner. This will help to maintain your skin's pH balance and increase hydration, which really is the priority when you're in a pressurized tube and so close to the sun.
Recommended Products: Caudalie Beauty Elixir  or Avene Thermal Spring Water 

Moisturize by blending cream and oil.
Next, prepare a moisturizing treatment by blending your cream moisturizer with a facial balancing oil. This will feel a bit heavier than your typical moisturizing routine, which is perfect since the conditions will be a lot drier and you will have plenty of time to remove excess product later.
Recommended Products: Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream & The Elixir or Clarins HydraQuench Cream & Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil 

Apply lip treatment.
Most lips are prone to becoming dry and chapped while traveling by air. Choose a hardworking lip moisturizing treatment to apply multiple times throughout the flight.
Recommended Products: Smith's Rosebud Salve 

Apply face sunscreen.
The most important step for in-flight skincare is to apply sunscreen to your face and neck (but also your hands). While you should use a face sunscreen daily, it is even more pivotal while flying since you are closer to the sun and experience greater exposure to UV rays. 
Recommended Products: Clarins Sunscreen Cream High Protection or Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

30 Minutes Before Landing

Use a pair of under eye patches.
Spend the last portion of your flight hydrating your under-eye area. This is the best way to look and feel refreshed after spending so much time in a dry airplane cabin. Pop the little sheets under your eyes and remove once the plane lands.
Recommended Products: Sephora Collection Pomegranate Eye Mask or Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

Spritz your face and neck with hydrating mist.
Repeat just the same as before.

Apply a serum.
For extra radiance, smooth on a serum and allow it to settle in for the rest of the flight.
Recommended Products: Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir or Perricone MD Skin Perfecting Serum

Reapply sunscreen.
Be sure to thoroughly apply.

Upon Landing

Reapply makeup and fix your hair.
Either while the plane taxis to the gate or in the airport bathroom, reapply your makeup and give your hair a quick brush.