the weekend list no. 41


Happy Saturday! What did you all do this week? On one of my days off, my mom and I went shopping to find a new desk chair. We didn't end up finding one that I loved and I ended up ordering one from Home Depot instead, but we did go to Kirkland's (!!!) which seriously got us in the spirit for fall. I got a few things to nearly complete my desk makeover (the letter board and the little gray sign), now I'm just waiting for my chair to arrive and to go get a fall candle.

Also! I just got a new pair of Lululemon leggings, which has me pretty excited. It's the little things, guys.... Haha. 

Now, on to the links for this weekend...

Julia's breakfast nook is so beautiful!

If you need some super cute, very extra tailgating outfit inspiration, look no further.

Check out these five Southern beach reads over on the Draper James blog. I put all five on my TBR!

Ashley & Ryan's optimism and positivity are really inspiring.

Love Tracy Anderson's tips for staying healthy while traveling.

Great article that blends two topics I love: nutrition and cultural politics.

Kind of want to check out this GOOP Clean Teeth Kit!

Did you know all of these Starbucks hacks?

I want to try all of these infused lemonades before the end of summer!

Becky's photography is so dreamy.

Clean, bohemian decor inspiration.

There's a special place in my heart for blue-and-white porcelain.

This is a must-read.

I love a good office makeover!

Creating a beautiful home yoga practice.

my summer evening routine


First of all, how cute is this Spirited Away teacup I found at Barnes & Noble?

I don't know about you, but I still love hearing about people's daily routines. There's always something interesting to take away whether it's a new product or an idea for a ritual to add to your own routine. I think it's become quite the fascination among most people, so I'm here with the evening routine that I've been following for most of this summer. This particular routine is for a work night, so it's not the same as if I were going out but I think this kind is honestly the most realistic kind to share! 

6:30 PM // This is typically when I get home from work most nights, unless I have an event. Since it's summer and inevitably hot outside, I immediately take a shower as soon as I get home. I'll also go ahead and put all of my things away to avoid clutter building up. 

6:45 PM // After showering, I'll change into comfier clothes. Lately it's been my favorite pair of black, Lauren Conrad leggings with a really cute, white halter bralette from Aerie and this thin, oversized tee from Alexander Wang. I've worn it so much, there are holes in the elbows but they actually look kind of cool. I'll put on my fluffy slippers or a cute pair of socks and go downstairs to eat dinner.

7:30 PM // After I've eaten dinner, I usually like to read or play a quick board game.

8:00 PM // I don't watch a ton of TV, but if one of the shows I do watch is on, this is usually around the time I'll start watching it. Lately, it's been The Bachelorette on Mondays and World of Dance on Wednesdays. If none of my shows are on, I might watch something on Netflix like an episode of Madam Secretary or Somebody Feed Phil or my new favorite, Castle Rock, on Hulu. Otherwise, I'd just continue reading.

8:30 PM // If I feel like having a treat, I like to make two different kinds of popcorn. One is a dairy-free buttery, cheesy mix and the other is the most delicious caramel recipe from Pick Up Limes. Other times, I'll have a cup of tea or maybe a creamier smoothie.

9:30 PM // This is typically the time that I'll go upstairs and to my skincare routine for the night. I start by washing my face with the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser then follow up with my go-to Embryolisse lait creme concentrate. Some nights, I'll use my face steamer and other nights, I'll use an exfoliating scrub such as the Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub or this one from Acure. If I'm feeling luxurious, I'll do a sheet mask or put on my favorite Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Afterwards, I brush my teeth and use my Cocofloss. Lastly, I moisturize my body either with coconut oil or a body lotion like Kiehl's creme de corps. If I feel like it, I'll put a little dry shampoo in my hair to let it soak in while I sleep. 

9:45 PM // Most of the time, I do yoga in the morning but lately, I've really enjoyed doing 15-20 minutes of practice in the evening right before I go to sleep. Yoga With Adriene has some great evening routines. 

10:00 PM // Around this time, I'll keep winding down. I light a candle or turn on my diffuser and switch on my Himalayan salt lamp. Most nights, I'll take about five drops of CBD oil then lay down to listen to a podcast. My favorite chill podcasts to listen to at night are Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, Off Camera with Sam Jones, and Harry Potter & The Sacred Text. Although, I always make sure to put on the sleep timer because I rarely make it more than 15-20 minutes into a podcast without falling asleep if I start listening at night. 

point sur dress + southern architecture


How gorgeous is this dress?! I've been dying to photograph it since I bought it and finally got the chance at the perfect location. Whenever I wear it, I feel like I'm on the French riviera and get cravings for a glass of red wine and cheese. Plus, it's super breezy which makes it perfect for summer. Also, apparently Kelly Ripa wore this dress on Live With Kelly & Ryan, so that's kind of fun!

Considering the location of these photos, I wanted to talk just a little about my love for Southern architecture. The kind of homes you see in places like Palmetto Bluff and Charleston always make my heart beat faster. For the most part, what I like is considered 'lowcountry' architecture. They just conjure images of sweet tea, biscuits and peach cobbler, sitting outdoors on a hot day, and the sound of cicadas humming in the distance. 

The look balances elegance, history, and a laid-back vibe, which is exactly what I love to see. Think verandas, double hung windows, wooden shutters, and screened-in porches. Things that seem purely visual actually have functional purposes, like the color used to paint shutters and porch ceilings. Descendants of African slaves believed that the soft blue-green shade would keep away evil spirits. The color is also though to repel insects and keep the space cool. 

Touching more on that note, there's a certain energy in old Southern houses because of the South's complicated, often tragic, history. In fact, I sometimes hesitate to express how much I enjoy the look of the plantation house because the actual function of the old plantation was so appalling. 

Growing up in the South and especially as a student at Flagler College in St. Augustine, a city that dates back to the mid-1500s and has seen centuries of architectural development among both the wealthy and marginalized groups, I have so many memories that take place in and around these kinds of homes. I guess that's the root of my love for Southern architecture, just the fact that it feels nostalgic to me.

pretty things no. 20

Copy of Dapper.png

Happy Saturday, everyone! For this weekend's collection of pretty things, I was kind of inspired by the kind of classic going-out evening looks we saw a lot of in the 90s. Specifically, I was thinking of Meredith Blake's style in The Parent Trap. Timeless and put together, but with the distinct feel of a 90s power woman. There might be a little bit of Princess Diana in there too.

Starting off with the most important piece, this slinky black dress from Versace. The neckline and the slight off-the-shoulders cut are so elegant paired with the tighter fit of the dress. 

I'm so drawn to nude strappy sandals and particularly love this Gianvito Rossi pair. The matte leather and little buckle detail make them feel so expensive.

If you ask me, the perfect evening bag is the Saint Laurent monogram envelope wallet. It's compact, sleek, and instantly recognizable which upgrades even a casual look.

Another dress I'm loving is the little white dress, like this one from French Connection. It has a very Meghan Markle feel, as well as being something I think Meredith Blake would have worn. This is the kind of dress you can wear to the office as well as out for an event.

This Gucci Dionysus cuff bracelet is incredible. It honestly feels like something you'd find in a museum that was unearthed from the tomb of some ancient queen.

And finally, you can't have a classic, elegant 90s-inspired evening look without a beautiful red lip. I recommend Tom Ford, because honestly, just saying your lipstick is Tom Ford is enough to make you feel elegant.

nyc itinerary: solo trip

I've had so much fun writing up these New York City itineraries and sharing all of my favorite spots in the city with you guys. As far as I can tell, I think this itinerary for a solo trip to New York will be the last of this series. If you ever need personal recommendations though, feel free to send me an email because I'm always happy to share ideas!

So, this itinerary is for the solo traveler. That's usually me because I love traveling alone and when I lived in the city, I explored a lot on my own since my work schedule was so different than my friends. Luckily, New York is a really easy place to have a good time on your own and it's hard to find a place where I'd feel "weird" to go in alone.

The Jane Hotel
I love this option in the West Village for a solo traveler because you can actually get a small, single room that feels like a ship cabin. The whole hotel is very Wes Anderson, which makes it a quirky, memorable pick. There's also a great little restaurant onsite called Old Rose, which you've probably seen on Instagram.

The Ace Hotel
I have a long history with The Ace, so I'd be remiss not to mention it. It has such a fun vibe with a lively lobby where it's super easy to socialize and make friends. There's a little outpost of Toby's Estate Coffee in the lobby as well as a fun photo booth and some shops. It's in a great location, too, in the middle of everything.

EAT //
My all-time favorite restaurant in the city is a great one for dining alone or with friends. They're open twenty four hours, too! If you're alone, I recommend sitting at the counter. It'll be a shorter wait and feel more natural. Order boiled pierogies and an egg cream. Don't forget to request complimentary applesauce!

The Smith
Another option that's great for both groups and solo travelers is The Smith. If you're on your own, sit at one of the communal tables. You'll get in quicker and maybe make some friends! Order the French 75 cocktail and the macaroni and cheese, which is technically an appetizer but big enough to be an entree. 

Any restaurant that typically has a long wait
Like I've mentioned for the two places above, going to a restaurant alone has one major perk and that's a shorter wait. If there's a restaurant you're dying to try that has a long wait (AKA most restaurants during brunch hours), being a solo diner will give you a huge leg up!

DO //
See a movie at a cool theater
What's a better solo activity than seeing a movie? Check out theaters like The Angelika, Metrograph, and The Paris Theatre for a really unique experience. 

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding area
Take a scenic walk from the Financial District, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and into DUMBO. Walking the bridge will take about an hour and then you can grab lunch by the water and explore Main Street Park. 

Take a fun walking tour
If you're looking for something a little more social, try out a walking tour. You'll learn something, you'll see cool things, and you'll feel a little less alone. Here's a good list of interesting walking tours you can take.