the magic of a fall capsule wardrobe

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Autumn is the time of year that I most love to dress for. Whether it’s cozy sweaters or chic suede ankle boots, I’m in all on fall fashion, even if I no longer live somewhere that actually has a proper fall season. 😂 As with all seasonal dressing though, I’m a fan of the capsule wardrobe. It’s my goal these days to invest only in high quality, timeless items that I’ll be able to have in my wardrobe for years and years, hopefully a lifetime.

I put together an example of a fall capsule wardrobe with just 10 items that can be mixed and matched into many different looks, as well as five of the many ways you can style them. I picked three tops: a cream turtleneck, black cashmere, and Breton stripe top. Three bottoms: black jeans, blue jeans, and trousers (in this case, a pair of statement plaid trousers that feel very autumnal). Two pieces of outerwear: a classic trench and denim jacket. Then, two pairs of shoes: black leather slip-on loafers and suede ankle boots.

For practical purposes, substitute in what you have in your wardrobe currently that’s similar to these items and if you need to invest, make it a goal to buy one really great item each season to fill in the gaps. For the sweaters, you really don’t even need to spend that much because Everlane has wonderful cashmere and wool pieces for great prices. I’d recommend splurging on the trench and the jeans here because you want them to last, to fit beautifully, and to look high quality.

Three tops // Cream turtleneck, black cashmere sweater, and Breton striped top.

Three bottoms // Black jeans, blue jeans, and trousers.

Two outerwear // Camel trench coat, denim jacket.

Two shoes // Black slip-on loafers, ankle boots.

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OUTFIT 1 // cream sweater + plaid trousers + ankle boots

OUTFIT 2 // black sweater + blue jeans + loafers + coat

OUTFIT 3 // striped top + denim jacket + black jeans + ankle boots

OUTFIT 4 // cream sweater + black jeans + loafers + coat

OUTFIT 5 // striped shirt + blue jeans + coat + loafers

magical destinations to travel this fall + where to stay

While I believe that any time of year is a good time to travel, I have to say that my ideal time to travel is in the fall. Really, my ideal time to do just about everything is in the fall. Everything feels cozy, crisp, and is bathed in that golden autumn light. If you’re looking for some fall trip ideas, here’s five magical destinations and where you should stay when you get there.

Salem, Massachusetts
Where to Stay: THE SALEM INN
Where better to spend a fall vacation than in arguably the most perfectly spooky location in the U.S.? Salem is, of course, known for its famous witch trials, so you can visit The Witch House and the Salem Witch Museum to learn more about the history of that. Also, grab coffee at Jaho Coffee & Tea and be sure to stop by HausWitch, the cutest shop in town.

Asheville, North Carolina
Spend a cozy trip to Asheville by booking a room at The Grand Bohemian, a Tudor-style lodge hotel in the middle of town. Pass the time at The Biltmore for a wine tasting when you’re not on hiking trails or have deviled eggs and pecan pie French toast at Tupelo Honey.

Woodstock, Vermont
If there’s a more quintessentially autumnal location than Vermont, let me know because I don’t believe it. Stay at the Woodstock Inn where you can do everything from fly fishing and tennis to visiting the spa or a local animal farm. In town, pass the hours at Yankee Bookshop with a cup of cider from The Village Butcher. Get lunch at Mon Vert Cafe or The Mountain Creamery, pick up apothecary goods from Clover Giftshop, and spend the rest of your time leaf peeping.

Hudson Valley, New York
Where to Stay: TROUTBECK
Hudson Valley is beautiful any time of year, but I think that’s especially true in the fall. Stay at the gorgeous Troutbeck resort, a country estate with wood burning fireplaces and all sorts of outdoor activities. Spend a day exploring the art and trails at Storm King and pick up lots of fall goods from the farm stands around the area. Grab a cider from a cider house like Twin Star Orchards and then peruse beautiful antiques at the Rhinebeck Antique Show.

Paris, France
There is nothing quite like Paris in the fall. Pack your bags and head to the coziest boutique accommodation in the city, Hôtel Caron de Beaumarchais in Le Marais. Get a cup of something warm and walk to a lesser known art museum such as Musée Jacquemart-André and get out of the city for a crisp day at Versailles. Take a stroll to enjoy the foliage, spend many hours at Shakespeare & Co, and have a classic bistro meal at Le Coq Rico.

the weekend list no. 70

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— Pablo
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There’s been quite a lot going on in the past two weeks since Weekend List No. 69. We went to see a stage production of Pride & Prejudice which was a more farcical twist on the original, so that was fun. Since then, I’ve been studying a lot and taking practice tests for the GRE, as I’m scheduled to take the real test on October 28th. I’ve been dealing with a bit of work stress, but counteracting it by doing all that I can to enjoy the fall season.

It’s been very drizzly here the past few days, which has created a nice autumnal vibe. We’ve made chili and baked pumpkin cookies as well as pumpkin bread and there’s lots more baking to come. The same weekend we went to the play, we went for a farm day to spend some time with the horses and goats. Also, I’ve started getting caught back up on Outlander (I’m on season three) after taking a break and I don’t know why I ever stopped! I forgot how much I love this show. I’m currently halfway through season three during the storyline on the ship to Jamaica and it is completely enthralling.

This weekend, I plan on having tea with friends, studying some more, and hopefully getting to watch a fall movie and get some more items checked off the seasonal bucket list.

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Yet another flawless (and affordable) look from the Duchess of Cambridge.

Love, love, love this feature on Hannah Brown that Marie Claire did, which reminded me of the book The Marriage Plot in a way.

I wholeheartedly agree with this perspective on dating.

Jane’s fall outfit formulas are perfection.

The important reason why Meghan Markle rewore a lot of outfits on the South Africa tour.

Principal dancer Isabella Boylston’s beauty uniform was fascinating to read about.

Sally’s trip to the pumpkin patch in Germany looks so cozy.

Christy Nockels’ lullaby album is absolutely magical for getting to sleep.

Need a recipe for mulled wine?

I want to try out this 7-day sleep challenge.

jewelry pieces that channel your inner witchy woman

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Who says you can only be a witch on Halloween? Personally, I’m a fan of witchy jewelry all year round because of its references to nature and history. Here are a few pieces you can collect to channel your inner witchy woman:

As Above - Planchette Necklace
This necklace features the tool used for writing in seances.

Anthony Lent - Adorned Hands Ring
As you can tell, this is obviously a major splurge piece but I just had to include it because it’s stunning.

Misho - Adder Stone Necklace
Adder stones were thought to be used as protection against witches, making it a perfectly ironic choice.

Swarovski - Spider Web Earrings
Maybe a spider’s web isn’t exactly ‘witchy’, but these earrings certainly have a lot of spooky charm.

Talon - Northern Star Pendant
This necklace was inspired by facing one’s fears and finding what guides us.

Federica Tosi - Earrings
This pair of moon and stars earrings would be so beautiful with a simple black dress.

Zoe Chicco - Ring
For a less obviously witchy piece, I love this ring with its little star detail.

Talon - Sword Moon Pendant
This piece is from the same collection as the Northern Star pendant, which was inspired by embracing one’s fears.

As Above - Astrology Necklace
I love this unique, astrology inspired necklace featuring all of the signs.

Pamela Love - Large Scarab Pendant Necklace
If there’s one designer out there that should be considered the queen of witchy vibes, it’s Pamela Love and this scarab necklace proves it.

Pamela Love - Journey Necklace
For another less overtly witchy piece, Pamela Love’s Journey necklace features opal, pearls, and brass charms that reference ancient Egyptian motifs.

three halloween recipes for chocolate lovers

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Of all the months in the year, October is the one that’s all about treats for me and I think most of you would agree. It’s when we start working our way through fall baking lists and stock up on Halloween candy. I wanted to share three ideas for chocolate-centric Halloween-themed desserts because honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate? All three of these ideas are pretty simple concepts that anyone can make with just a few easy tweaks.

Spider Chocolate Trifle //
This is a simple Halloween twist on a classic dessert. Simply whip up a layered chocolate trifle, then use a toothpick to create a spider web design on the top layer.

Ghost Cupcakes //
These are so simple, there’s really no need for a recipe! Just whip up your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe then top with chocolate ganache. For the ghosts, you can make a Swiss meringue or simply use whipped cream, then use chocolate chips for eyes or candy eyes from Michael’s, which taste weirdly like meringues themselves. For an extra festive touch, use some spooky cupcake papers.

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies // (with spiders piped onto the chocolate chips)
Here’s another super simple, non-recipe recipe. Go ahead and make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. Once they’re out of the oven, use a toothpick to spread out little spider legs from a hot chocolate chip then add tiny little candy eyes, so that it looks like this.