how to spend less on your skincare routine


For years, I found myself spending a lot on my skincare (and still do sometimes when necessary) but over the time I spent in the beauty industry, I picked up a few tricks that will help you to save money on your skincare routine without compromising quality.

Use a cleansing oil.
This doubles as a cleanser and a makeup remover, plus it adds moisture to your face so it's kind of a do-it-all product.

Utilize the EWG's clean beauty database.
There's actually a pretty decent selection of drugstore skincare products that are highly rated on the EWG list. As long as a product is non-toxic, there's really no big reason to spend a lot of money on things like cleansers and moisturizers, so this is a great resource to help save money.

Use up everything you buy.
This may seem obvious but most people I know have a habit of buying new skincare out of curiosity before they've used up what they already have. Having those product empties really does make a difference in the end.

Buy with utility in mind.
For things like serums and treatments, I love buying from companies like The Ordinary. They sell products that only contain the active ingredients (without expensive botanicals added for scent or luxury) so they end up being insanely inexpensive while remaining effective.


pretty things no. 16

Copy of Dapper (5).png


Happy weekend! This week's round-up of pretty things is very much inspired by all the time I've spent poolside recently.

I'm drawn to this Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit because it reminds me of the sparkling blue color of a pool. The ruffles on the top are so flattering and make for a really unique, cute swim look.

I know that I'm always recommending basket bags, but they really are just the perfect thing. This one comes at a great price and is great for the pool or beach. 

Whenever I go to the pool, I put my beauty products (like sunscreen, lip balm, and so on) in a little pouch and toss it into my bigger bag to keep things organized. I'm loving this Sweet As a Peach pouch from Draper James with its cute striped lining.

The other day, I tried on a gorgeous kimono that was too long to wear on a daily basis but I thought it would be perfect as a swimsuit cover up. This Anjuna Kandela kimono has the same vibe. It really elevates any pool look to feel so glamorous while being functional since it's so lightweight.

In keeping with the glam poolside look, these Céline sunglasses are a must-have. Wearing a pair of huge, dark sunglasses truly is one of life's greatest little things.

 If you need something new to store in that Draper James pouch, I recommend Supergoop's Defense Refresh setting mist SPF 50. This is such a cool product. It's a makeup setting mist with high SPF which is so useful! 

white bow tank + celebrating pride month as an ally


Tank | Skirt (similar)

I'm so happy to be celebrating Pride Month 2018 as a proud ally of the LGBTQ community. I can't tell you how much my LGBTQ friends mean to me and how grateful I am for how much the community as a whole has contributed to our world. 

Both J.Crew and Madewell are celebrating Pride Month with their LoveFirst and LoveToAll campaigns. They've come out with special merchandise for the month and are donating 50% of purchase price to the Human Rights Campaign. If you pop into their stores, there are some free promotional items like stickers, flags, and tote bags that you can pick up as well. 

Side note, Queer Eye season two is out today! What a perfect way to celebrate Pride Month.

solutions for dry legs in the summer

I don't know about you guys but I've struggled with having the driest legs for so long. I don't have dry skin anywhere else, but my legs are prone to it which isn't cute. Luckily, I've figured out some tricks that help. If you guys have this problem too, try these steps.

exfoliate often
Exfoliating your legs increases circulation which has all sorts of benefits including that it sloughs off those dry, dead skin cells. I recommend dry brushing, but there are also a lot of great scrubs too.

use cooler water
Did you know that hot water actually dries out your skin? If you're struggling with any dry skin problems, try turning down the temperature in your shower. These days, I do hot-cold showers (more like warm than hot) which I'll talk about in another post, but I've found they're great for my skin.

moisturize while wet
Moisturize your skin as soon as you get out of the bath or shower so that it traps in the moisture. I sometimes use lotion but honestly, I think oil works so much better. So, I exfoliate then pat my legs with a towel but leave them damp, then apply a body oil like this one from Clarins or a simple sweet almond oil.

overnight hydration
Sometimes when you need an extra boost, you can try an overnight treatment. A super inexpensive thing to do is slather your legs with coconut oil then put on a pair of cotton leggings and go to bed. In the morning, the oil will have settled into your skin, leaving it super hydrated. You can also do this on your feet and cover with a pair of socks.