outfit ideas for fall activities


I don’t know about you but, for me, fall is in full swing! I’m making a point to do something everyday that celebrates the season and it’s been so much fun already. Some things on my list I’m looking forward to? Watching “You’ve Got Mail” with caramel popcorn and Applejack sangria. Making vegetarian chili and cornbread. Getting together with friends to drink wine and watch “Rebecca”. Checking off some autumnal books from my reading list…Ray Bradbury, anyone?

There are so many ways to celebrate the season and we’re all about looking cute doing it, right? I’ve put together some outfit ideas for five fall activities you might be getting up to in the coming weeks.

Picking apples at the orchard
Have plans for harvesting some apples at your local orchard? To keep cozy, layer a quilted vest over a long-sleeve tee. Pull on your favorite worn-in skinny jeans and Bean boots, then top it all off with a colorful ball cap.

Cozy day at home
Let’s be real, the best fall activity is enjoying all the cozy days at home. For that, you’ll need a slouchy wool or cashmere sweater layered over a pretty lace bralette. Pair it with the comfiest lounge pants and furry slippers for your all-day movie marathon.

Baking in the kitchen
There’s no better season for baking than fall and I’ve got a post coming up soon with all sorts of ideas for fall deserts. In the meantime, prep your outfit for baking by putting together a white t-shirt and cozy colorblocked cardigan with distressed jeans, loafers, and, of course, a cute apron.

Holiday shopping at the town center
It’s October which means it’s time to start doing some early holiday shopping. Get festive for the season with a white oxford underneath a navy sweater. Pair that with a patterned wool skirt, tortoiseshell sunglasses from Persol, and your classic camel trench.

Coffee date with an old friend
Heading for coffee with a friend? For a sophisticated yet cozy look, try a sweater dress paired with neutral accessories like a handbag and knee-high boots. Add in tortoiseshell sunglasses for a a little something extra to balance out all the solid colors.

What activities are you looking forward to this fall?

pretty things no. 23

Copy of Dapper (11).png

Happy first official day of fall, everyone! 🍁 I sometimes see articles telling you how to celebrate fall without ‘being basic’ and my first thought is always ‘Who cares about being basic in the fall?!’ Give me all the seasonal drinks, cozy sweaters, Lululemon leggings, and boarding school books in the world! As they say, if being basic in the fall is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

So, in honor of the first day of the best season, I put together my fall essentials for pretty things. As you can probably tell, they’re very inspired by the brand Sézane, who I think does autumn really, really well.

The first essential is a good, camel coat. My favorites are always from J.Crew like this one. There’s honestly nothing more classic and elegant that will enhance your outfit like a quality camel coat.

Another must-have is a cashmere sweater such as this white one from Theory. It’s soft, luxurious, and will last you a lifetime if you take care of it. Plus, it’s a great fabric for fall because it’s versatile. It’ll keep you warm if it’s chilly, but won’t be too hot if it’s still warmer outside.

If you want to add a bit of charm to your look, try a felt hat (I recommend Rag & Bone). It’ll complete the outfit and give you a bit of a vintage, Parisian edge.

I’m sure that every fall, most of you bring out your collection of tall boots. I love this pair from Aquatalia. They’d look perfect with everything from skinny jeans and a sweater to a mini-dress or skirt.

The next great piece for fall is the silk scarf. It isn’t cold enough yet to warrant a wool or cashmere scarf, but a silk one serves as a great transition.

If you ask me, the perfect classic fall jacket is a quilted Annandale from Barbour. It has the distinct vibe of an English hunting jacket that would be worn by members of the royal family, making it both practical and luxe.

Finally, if you want to make a statement, do it with a pair of corduroys like these from Ulla Johnson. The color and texture are probably the most autumnal thing you’ll ever find, plus I guarantee they’ll make you stand out in a crowd.

pretty things no. 21

Copy of Dapper (1).png

This weekend's edition of pretty things is inspired by my newly booked upcoming trip to London! We're going in the spring, first to London and then to Amsterdam for a few days and I couldn't be more excited. I'm already planning my outfits, which makes this the perfect topic for pretty things.

The number one item on my London outfit wish list was a sleeveless trench like this one from 3.1 Philip Lim. I'll be layering it over white tees and blouses for a polished look.

It seems like most travel packing lists involve a leather biker jacket because it's useful for so many climates and situations. I'm partial to beige biker jackets because they look lighter and make your outfit more luxurious.

To me, a pair of patent leather brogues is quintessentially British (just like a Burberry trench). They're a great masculine piece to pair with a feminine dress or blouse to give your look a little edge.

London weather can be unpredictable especially in the spring when a warm day can easily transition into a cool evening. I'll definitely be packing a lightweight scarf that will also add some femininity and color to my outfits.

When I'm in the city, I'm always sure to wear not only a sunscreen but a pollution blocking sunscreen like this one from Supergoop.

I've been mentioning how I plan on styling masculine pieces with feminine ones. This Burberry blouse is the perfect feminine piece to layer under a trench coat or with a pair of heavy brogues.

Finally, who would I be if I didn't recommend a pair of large sunglasses for travel? This black, angular pair from Le Specs will add a touch of glam to complete any look.

wide leg trousers + my summer favorites


Are you all enjoying your summer? I can't believe my spring favorites post was already more than three months ago when it was still cold outside in Brooklyn. Let's get into my favorites:

francesca's palazzo pants
I ordered these beachy, palazzo pants from Francesca's and they're my new favorite thing. They're so flattering, breezy, and feel like pajamas. They're the perfect thing for hot days and luckily, there are lots of other ones like them like these, these, and these

le labo hinoki hand soap
This has been one of my very favorite beauty purchases of the year. The smell is so good: warm and almost a little peppery. It makes washing my hands feel like a luxurious ritual!

indie lee brightening cleanser
Another favorite beauty purchase is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. It's a nontoxic formula that smells like strawberries and has been the perfect hydrating cleanser for summer. 

face steamer
I've wanted a face steamer for a long time and finally got this one. It's small, so you can hide it away easily and super simple to use. I like to drop a little essential oil in the water for aromatherapy steams. This has been so good for my skin and also my sinuses when I recently had a cold. 

dr. teal's coconut bath bombs
I love these little bath bombs! You can find them easily at the grocery store or on Amazon. They smell great and are made with Epsom salt, plus they dissolve really quickly which is good thing in my eyes. 

california vineyards candle
I am loving this black cherry merlot scented candle from Bath & Body Works. Every time I light it, my entire space smells amazing in minutes. 

eucalyptus room spray
Another favorite from Bath & Body is the stress relief eucalyptus and spearmint room spray. I love B&B room sprays because the scent is so concentrated that it doesn't take much to fill the entire room. This scent in particular is super calming. 

coconut lacroix
God bless coconut Lacroix. I pretty much love any sparkling water but this one is my favorite. It's crisp but with a sweet coconut essence and it's the best with a little slice of lime. 

blue buddha lemon elderflower tea with ashwagandha
Another drink that's been really good this summer is the lemon elderflower tea from Blue Buddha. It's really mild and light, plus it has the adaptogen ashwaghanda.

sweet corn salad
I've been making a really delicious sweet corn salad lately that's sort of a mixture of two different recipes. It's simple---just mix together cooked sweet corn, halved cherry tomatoes, diced chives, basil, and dressing (equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil with salt and pepper to taste). This is such a good dish to pair with a crusty baguette and cold white wine. 

allie x
Do you guys listen to her? I swear I've been playing her music nonstop in my car for the entire summer. She has a really stylized pop vibe which I love. Some of my favorite songs are "Casanova", "Old Habits Die Hard", and "Vintage" (written by Troye Sivan which is probably why I like it so much).

the higher self podcast with sahara rose
This has been my favorite new podcast of the summer. Sahara talks all about different ayurvedic and wellness topics from intuitive astrology to ayurvedic nutrition. It's a fun and educational one to listen to on your commute.