pretty things no. 37

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Happy Saturday! I feel like I was just saying happy first Saturday of March and now it’s April. Time is flying, spring is in full swing, and I’m here with six powder blue, pretty things inspiring me this week.

I truly believe it’s not spring without a gingham dress and this option from Capulet is so lovely. From the subtle, feminine sleeves to the classic, nipped in waist, this dress is perfect for any spring occasion.

A beautiful silk camisole is an important staple in the wardrobe as it can be worn effortlessly from day to night. As I said before, I feel like powder blue is the color of the moment, making this cami from Alice + Olivia the perfect thing. Go monochrome by pairing it with light wash blue jeans or try it with white jeans or even a printed piece.

Need the perfect printed shorts to pair with the blue silk camisole? I genuinely believe the cami and these Alice + Olivia shorts were meant to be worn together because the combination is just too good. The powder blue with the botanical print is perfect for a spring walk through the park or a dressier casual look for brunch.

I’ve been loving wide leg pants lately, so this pair from Majorelle really jumped out at me. It reminds me of a more casual version of the iconic Parent Trap powder blue suit that has inspired me for decades now. I love these trousers with a white t-shirt or dressed up with an eyelet blouse.

I saw these patches recently on the Free People website and thought the idea was brilliant. They work like any other topical patch to deliver ingredients into your body, but these are made specifically for wellness goals. The four variations are for hangovers, getting to sleep, feeling awake, and relieving pain. I definitely want to check out the sleep one and even the hangover one (although I fortunately don’t get them) just because I imagine it’s very hydrating.

And finally, a perfect pair of dressy sandals from Tibi. Any shoe with a chic bow is right up my alley and I’m particularly sold on the color. Love the idea of these paired with white jeans or with a simpler dress and maybe one of Julia’s new cardigans for brunch or church.

coconut body latte // a DIY bath recipe

Happy Friday! I have a quick post today because I wanted to share a little DIY recipe I conjured up recently. It’s not necessary groundbreaking but the way it all worked together was just so relaxing and smelled amazing, so here we go:

I call it a “body latte” because while I was in this bath, it genuinely felt and smelled like I was soaking in a Starbucks latte. It’s super easy to make too! Just blend together ground coffee and solid coconut oil into a paste (no measurements needed, just make as much as you need). Fill up the bath (with bubbles if you’d like), wet your skin, then use the combined coffee and coconut as a scrub. What’s great about it is that it’s both exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time.

While you’re soaking in your latte, I recommend amping it up a little by adding a face mask. For this specific bath, I love using the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask because a) it’s an exfoliating mask so it serves the same purpose as the body scrub and b) it smells like pumpkin, so it kind of turns your bath into a pumpkin spice latte.

five outfits for spring activities

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It’s April which means it is officially, officially spring, right? In Florida, we’re having this strange, pleasant thing where it actually feels like spring. Usually, we just skip right to summer with its boiling weather but this year, it’s been so nice outside! By nice, I mean perfect, as in mid-60s to low 70s, breezy, and lots of sunshine which makes for a flawless climate for all the spring activities.

visiting the flower market //
It could be your local farmer’s market or a dedicated flower market like the ones in Europe but either way, this look will not do you wrong. Try a feminine white blouse with your favorite jeans (I love that this pair have the raw hem) then add a block heel for chic comfort and a colorful statement bag for spring like this pink gingham one from Mansur Gavriel.

brunch al fresco //
Shocked I didn’t pick a basket bag? Well, I did get that texture in there with the espadrilles. For a spring brunch outdoors on the patio, I love this take on a picnic-inspired wrap dress paired with a ladylike pastel top handle bag, espadrilles, and of course, big tortoise shell sunglasses. This look would be so cute with messy beach hair or an effortless top knot.

bike riding through the park //
This is one of those looks you need to be practical enough to get outdoors on a bike, but you still want to make it a cute moment. For that, I like a navy-and-white striped, boyish sweater with white wide-leg jeans, a little powder blue purse and chic leather sandals (that won’t fall off). This would also look great with a pair of trainers subbed in for the sandals.

rainy day errands //
There’s always those inevitable rainy days in spring that throw a wrench into our cute outfit plans, but it doesn’t have to be that way! When you’re out on a rainy day, go with your usual cute dress but layer over a trench coat, swap your sandals for wellies, and don’t forget your umbrella.

spring break vacation //
If you’re off to a beach or an island somewhere for your spring vacation, I have an outfit that will work from the pool to lunch and back. Go for a pretty floral or solid pastel playsuit and pair with white leader slide sandals, sunglasses, then top it off with your cutest sun hat.

hello, april!

When I sat down to sketch out ideas for each month’s theme on the blog for 2019, there were only two months that I had trouble coming up with and April was one of them. For me, April is one of those in-between months that don’t necessarily have a distinct vibe that comes to mind or at least one that’s all that different from March. I live in the South, so it’s already been feeling like spring for awhile, flowers have been blooming, sun showers have started, so April is really just a continuation.

After some thought, I came up with the idea that when I think of April, I think of rainy days and how the air feels really fresh after it rains. That led me to thinking about the senses and how nice it is to slow down and savor them. So, this April is all about taking a deep breath, slowing down, and really taking in all of the sense of spring. This month, you’ll see fresh new outfits to wear for spring, farmer’s market recipes, and all sorts of ideas on how you can slow down and really enjoy everything that spring has to offer.


the weekend list no. 57

Your value is not based on your productivity.
— Martina Martian

My low the past few days has been a really sad one. I foster an orphaned elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and follow them closely through social media and email updates. The entire DWST was so sad this week when we found out that Maarifa, our beloved baby rhinocerous, had passed unexpectedly over the weekend. Seeing photos and videos of Maarifa always made me so happy because she was so sweet and happy. I’m just glad that she was in the care of such excellent caretakers and lived a happy life on the property. Blah.

On the positive side of things, I’ve just been really happy about the beautiful weather. I’ve been spending time by the pool a lot lately and enjoying the fact that the sun is out consistently! Also, we got my taxes done over the weekend which is a huge relief. I don’t even know why it makes me anxious. I genuinely wonder if I get anxious about it just because everyone else is! But it’s over and all is well, so that’s excellent.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.54.52 AM.png

I’m thinking about going to a big $1 sale at one of my favorite resale stores in Winter Park called Avalon Exchange because who can pass that up? On Saturday, I’m also playing along with Zoe’s 24 hour readathon, hoping to get a head start on my reading for April. Then on Sunday, my plans are to continue my weekly tradition of spending a few hours by the pool.

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Kortney shared a gorgeous selection of great dresses for travel.

One of the most creative fashion videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube!

I adore Tan France and loved this video where we get to know him and Manchester more.

I also adore Antoni Porowski and Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel, so this was perfect.

Kate Middleton wore this J.Crew sweater for an engagement this week and it is majorly on sale!

I suppose I need to drive down to Miami now.

This gorgeous summer dress is 60% off!

Really good interview with the inspiring Jessica Nabongo, who is set to become the first black woman to travel to every country in the world.

Love, love, love this gingham swimsuit!

The new Apple Card sounds interesting.