international travel: what's in my carry-on bags


Happy Friday, everyone! So, tonight, we’re off to the airport heading to Europe for my birthday and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m working a little bit today, may half the day before getting everything ready to go and heading out. Over the years, I’ve come up with the perfect airplane outfit which I’ll show you in my post on Monday! But today, I’m sharing what’s in my big ‘ole carry-on bags.

Contrary to what I often see out there in the world, I’m not at all an over packer. It probably has to do with the fact that I lived so lean in New York, so I’ve become experienced with getting everything I need streamlined into one piece of carry-on luggage and the tote bag I use for my purse. So, here’s everything I pack to make sure I’m prepared specifically for a long haul, overnight flight.

Barrington Tote

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
My favorite carry-on item has to be the Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays. I rarely set foot on a plane without using a hydrating mask because the air is so dry and this is the perfect one because it goes on completely clear. See my full review here.

2. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
Another hydrating must have is a good hand cream and I love the hand salve from Kiehl’s. It’s super thick and hydrating, plus you can wash your hands three time without needing to reapply which is great since I tend to hand sanitize a lot while traveling.

3. Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner
The third facet of the hydration trifecta is a face mist and in the past, I typically have used the Mario Badescu spray. But this time, I’m using a toner from Indie Lee. I’ll spritz this on a couple times through the flight whenever I need a little refresher. Another great option is Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir.

4. Honest Beauty Makeup Wipes
text - I usually don’t use makeup wipes because they’re sort of wasteful, but I make an exception when I’m flying somewhere because they’re so much easier to pack than my giant bottle of Bioderma. As soon as I get to my seat on the plane, I take off all of my makeup and slather on my face mask.

5. Honest Company Anti-Bacterial Baby Wipes
As soon as I get to my seat, I start my routine by wiping everything down with an anti-bacterial wipe, from the seat and the armrests to the window and the tray. I like The Honest Company’s baby wipes because they’re pretty clean, much like the makeup wipes I mentioned above.

6. Zzzquil Capsules
For overnight flights, I keep a sleep aid on had in case I’m having trouble falling asleep. There are tons of options including Dramamine (which is for motion sickness but also good for sleep), Ambien (which I avoid), and natural choices like melatonin or even Nature’s Bounty Goodnight Lovely capsules with melatonin and hyaluronic acid. But I tend to opt for Zzzquil because it always works for me, whereas the natural options can be hit or miss, personally.

7. Apple Earbuds + Kreafunk Wireless Headphones
I carry two different headphones with me because I prefer using my wireless pair when I’m listening to something on my phone, but if I want to watch a movie on the seat screen, it requires pluggable earbuds.

8. Sigvaris Compression Calf Sleeves
It’s super important to ensure proper blood circulation in your legs and that’s especially true when flying because you have such limited mobility. For long flights, I always wear my Sigvaris compression calf sleeves. I have the black ones because, although they are usually hidden under my leggings, I can wear them with shorts and they look more sporty than medical.

9. Swell Bottle
I love, love, love my Swell bottle and they’re so good for travel because they truly keep your water cold all day long even if they’re left in a hot car. My particular bottle is a Liberty print which is very fitting for London, right? So, I’ll bring my empty bottle with me through security then fill it up at a water station or, if there is’t one, at a Starbucks or airport café.

10. Trtl Pillow
I don’t know what to say about this one. Some people think it looks silly, I think it looks sort of like a scarf. But regardless, this thing is so comfortable and the only neck pillow I’ve found that works for me!

11. RX Bars + Other Snacks
These are so great for travel because they’re small but mighty. I personally prefer the berry variations (especially blueberry). I get all of my other snacks from Trader Joe’s. Things like fresh and freeze dried fruit, organic string cheese, Inner Peas, and individual trail mix packets.

12. Truffle Pouch Necessities
I absolutely adore my Truffle pouches for air travel because they’re cute, they’re clear, and they keep everything super organized so that I can just reach into my bag and know where to find important things. In my larger pouch, I keep the skincare products I’ll use on the plane and then in the smaller one, I store my passport, Global Entry card, phone charger, and boarding pass if for some reason it is printed out. Side note, these are really easy to clean! I spilled nail polish in my large tote and thought I was done for, but with some soapy water and polish remover, it looks like new again.

13. Sleep Mask
I’ve packed one of my cute themed sleep masks that came with a pair of pajamas (I have a drawer full of these) to block out any light in the cabin overnight. If you can, I highly suggest getting the Slip silk eye mask.

14. Book
I used to be the girl who lugged multiple books and magazines in her carry-on bag and was miserable hauling it through the terminal, only to end up listening to a podcast anyway. So, I’ve finally relented and have started taking a magazine instead! However, since this trip involves two long flights, I’m also packing a book which happens to be presidential primary candidate Pete Buttigieg’s new memoir.

15. Cashmere Socks
I believe that you can’t honestly reach peak cozy without a pair of warm socks to slip on when you get to your seat. Who wants to sleep in their shoes?!

Carry-On Luggage

1. Away Packing Cubes
I love using these packing cubes (I have them in the color ‘sand’) to keep things separated and organized in my luggage and everything easy to find without having to dig through. This set comes with four different shapes/sizes. Within and outside of the cubes, I use the KonMari folding method to ensure maximized use of space. When you get to your hotel or Airbnb, simply lift the cubes out of your luggage and straight into the dresser drawers.

2. Makeup Bag
I carry a few essentials with my in my tote but the rest of my makeup goes into my luggage inside a little organizer. I try to pare down what I take with me to only the essentials that I’ll need for whatever I’m doing on the trip. In this case, I have my Anastasia Brow Wiz, Burt’s Bees Mascara, Tarte blush, a Nars red lipstick, and Maybelline brown eyeliner. Things like my RMS Uncover Up concealer and Fresh lip balms are in my tote bag because I use them all day long.

3. Dual Voltage Curling Iron
When I’m at home, I use my trusted Hot Tools curling iron but it isn’t dual voltage. I like to be safe with things like that, so I have a Conair dual voltage ceramic curling iron (1 1/4 inch) to take abroad with me. It’s super affordable and works really, really well for the price. I highly recommend it to anyone who travels abroad or even if you just need a good curling iron that’s well priced.

4. Reusable Straws
It might sound a little extra to bring along your own reusable straws but I hate plastic straws and my bamboo ones are small and easily packable, so why not? I’ll put one or two in my bag when I go out for the day and use them at restaurants so that I’m not wasting plastic.

5. Skincare Routine
And finally, my full skincare routine. Like I said, I keep things like makeup wipes, Jet Lag mask, and face mist in my large Truffle pouch but the rest of the routine is packed away in my luggage. Like makeup, I pare things down and only take the essentials like a cleanser and a moisturizer (in my case, rosehip or almond oil). I’ve got a really good trick too! Instead of packing leaky shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, go out and buy a bar of soap (I recommend Dr. Bronner’s peppermint bar soap) that can work as all three. Keep in mind, not all bar soaps can double as shampoo but Dr. Bronner’s can, as well as this and Lush has shampoo bars too.

what i'm packing for my trip to europe


I’m about two weeks out from my trip to Europe and am so excited. We’re spending my birthday in London, then hopping over to the Netherlands (as my family heritage is very, very Dutch. In fact, my ancestors were some of the first Dutch settlers of New York, making us Knickerbockers!). I'm a big planner and get pretty extra in the planning process so I’ve been sketching out my outfit ideas for weeks already and have finally gotten it down to what I think will be my final packing list.

I’ve left a few things off this list like my pajamas and workout clothes, but those things have little relevance to my daily outfits so I decided to keep this list more streamlined. I’m only taking a carry-on, which would have once been daunting to me but after living in NYC, I’ve become adept at packing light. The trick is to plan your outfits ahead of time, pack smart (I use the Kon-Mari folding method), and choose pieces you’ll be able to mix and match.

A little background on what I’m expecting in terms of weather and activities that I kept in mind when choosing what to pack. The weather should be in the high 60s during the day, getting a little chillier at night. We’re not expecting much rain, but you never know in these areas, so I kept that possibility in mind. In London, most of our activities will be exploring the city and having picnics in the park, then going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour which, of course, requires a certain look.

As for the Netherlands, things are a little less structured but I’ve considered outfits that work for cycling as well as a look for a day spent outdoors, when we go out of the city and into the forest near the border of Holland and Germany. I needed something sporty for that day, but also pulled together and cozy.

packing for ten days in Europe

10) Statement Raffia Earrings - I’m definitely a statement earring girl, so I’ll be bringing my raffia pair as well as a vintage white shell pair, pearl studs, and my classic diamond studs.

11) Blue & White Printed Scarf - To give basic outfits a girly, spring vibe, I’m packing two scarves (one is a short, pink neck scarf) including a blue + white printed one to wear with sweaters and jeans.

12) White Converse - These are my favorite travel shoes because they endure everything. I don’t want to pack my big wellies for this trip, so I’m taking the white Converse because they do well in the rain or shine.

13) Beige Suede Slides - I adore my beige slides! They’re the perfect balance of casual and dressy, depending on how you style them.

14) Small Basket Bag - Since it is spring after all, I can’t travel without my favorite basket bag.

15) Barrington Tote - My Barrington tote is the perfect travel bag. I’ll carry it on the plane and use it on days when I need to carry more with me, such as my camera or snacks.

16) Instax Mini 8 - I actually bought this camera just for this trip (and I’ll use it in the future, too) because I want to be able to have cute little polaroids to put in my journal.

17) Fujifilm x-t20 - I’m also, of course, taking my mirrorless Fujifilm x-t20 camera and 35 mm lens to use for taking photos around the city.

18) Trench Coat - You can’t very well go to London or Amsterdam, in my opinion, without a trench coat. I’m actually taking two (which I plan on sharing and swapping out), one that’s lighter and one a little bulkier just in case.

19) Rain Jacket - So that poor weather can’t ruin the day, I’m packing my hooded rain jacket.

20) Wide Brim Hat - As another way of re-styling a simple outfit, I’m taking my wide brim brown hat.

1) Gingham Day Dress - I’m taking a fun, periwinkle gingham dress to (hopefully) wear on our day in Notting Hill and Kensington Palace Gardens because I think the color will be so fun surrounded by all of the pastel buildings and flowers.

2) White Cashmere Sweater - I love this versatile sweater because cashmere works in so many different climates. I’ll be pairing this with my jeans and various accessories.

3) Black Square Neck Blouse - This square neck blouse is so flattering and looks especially good with gold jewelry and statement earrings. It will definitely be a piece that I rewear as much as possible.

4) White Tee - The perfect layering piece, right? I plan on wearing it quite a bit under my cardigan and trench coats, styled with scarves and different necklaces.

5) Black Silk Camisole - Another good layering piece, I love wearing black camisoles for any occasion, dressed up or down. I will probably wear with with my cardigan and Lululemon leggings for our outdoorsy day.

6) Long Beige Cardigan - One of my favorite outer layers is a thin, beige cardigan that I wear all the time at home to the point that it’s almost like a comfort blanket.

7) Blue High-Waisted Jeans - One of two pairs of jeans I’m taking with me, my blue high-waisted pair from Madewell are so comfortable and flattering.

8) Black High-Waisted Jeans - Black skinny jeans have been my go-to for years. I’ll mix and match them with everything else I bring as they are a perfect base for any outfit.

9) Gold Pendant Necklace - To dress my outfits up, I’m bringing a couple of different gold necklaces.

my u.s. travel bucket list

Monterey, California

Monterey, California

Whether it’s Europe or Southeast Asia or Kenya to visit my adopted elephant, I’m almost always dreaming about the next destination I want to experience. I think many of us who love to travel are always imaging ourselves jetting off to far flung places. But this month on the blog is about blooming with grace or blooming where you are and that’s what inspired me to share the list of places I’m dying to go here at home in the U.S.

I’ve been fortunate to visit and live in many different states, but what’s really cool about the U.S. is that it’s so big and spans many different types of landscapes and environments, so there’s always something new to experience. Here are ten places I’m hoping to check off my travel list soon that are right here in my home country. Let me know if you’ve been to any on the list or where you’re hoping to visit soon.

charleston, south carolina //
I honestly can’t believe I still haven’t been to Charleston, having grown up in the South! In fact, I weirdly haven’t been to many of the big Southern cities because my travels are usually further away rather than in my region. But, with all of the beautiful, colorful architecture and incredible food scene, Charleston is one I cannot wait to check off my list.

austin, texas //
Austin ties with Charleston for the U.S. city I most want to visit right now. From the quirky art scene to the food and all of the amazing outdoor spaces, Austin seems like the perfect destination for me. I want to get in all the vintage shopping, taco eating, honky tonk dancing, and natural swimming hole swimming and definitely stay in one of the city’s cute Airbnbs.

new orleans, louisiana //
The architecture, the history, and the music are all big draws to New Orleans but to be honest, it’s really all about the food! From beignets to pralines to red beans and rice and all of the amazing up-and-coming bars in the city, I’d have to do a lot of walking to burn it all off.

northern california //
After my parents raved about Monterey, my dream has been to do a slow road trip around the region probably starting in San Francisco and then going around Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, Muir Woods, and Sausalito. It just seems like one of the most beautiful areas in the country and exactly the chill, cozy, beachy vibe that I love so much.

woodstock, vermont //
Vermont has always been a dream of mine to visit in the autumn because it literally looks like cozy heaven. Then, I saw Julia’s posts in Woodstock and knew that was the perfect place. That bookstore!

jackson hole, wyoming
If we’re talking outdoorsy trips with lots of hiking and picnics, Jackson Hole would be my pick. The landscape has to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Plus, the town has plenty to keep you busy too and you know I’d be all about the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

blackberry farm, tennessee //
Probably top three on my list is Blackberry Farm. Ever since I read about it long ago, I think in an issue of Town & Country, I’ve wanted to rent one of their “cabins” (hard to call it that when they’re so high end) and spend a whole week taking cooking and gardening classes, hiking, and riding horses.

hudson valley, new york //
My mom was born in Hudson Valley and we’ve been wanting to take a trip up there to rent this amazing property we found on Airbnb. It’s a converted barn set on a little creek and only a short walk into town where there are cute farm stands and general stores.

savannah, georgia //
Can you believe I live like three hours from Savannah and haven’t been yet? I’m thinking of taking a photography trip up there this summer to see the architecture and the beautiful southern flora. I don’t plan on going deep into the touristy town center other than to stop in The Paris Market.

kona, hawaii //
What would this list be without a spot in Hawaii? It was never a place that interested me too much growing up for some strange reason. I think I thought of it as being super touristy and having grown up so close to Disney, I didn’t love that. But lately, I’ve seen photos from the Kona and Maui areas and it just looks like such a fragrant, lush place with all the fruit stands on the side of the roads. Ideally, I’d love to stay at the Four Seasons Hualalai but an Airbnb could be cute too if it has a private pool.

a triumphant return to st. augustine


As you might know, I lived in St. Augustine, Florida while doing my undergrad at Flagler College and have so many good memories of my time there. From swimming in ocean in the mornings before class and hanging out at all of the cute cafés to riding my bike around the cobblestone streets and appreciating all of the historic architecture (in addition to all of the typical college experiences, too, of course), there was always something to appreciate.

But, I didn’t go back to visit St. Augustine for a really long time after graduating because the end of senior year was a weird time for me and for awhile, I felt really negative connotations with the town that I loved so much before. I finally went back for the first time last summer, three years (!!!) after graduation with my friend Ryan, who I had studied with and was back in Florida visiting from New Jersey. He admitted that he kind of had some of the same weird feelings being back, which made me feel so much better about the whole thing.

While it was weird seeing all the ways things had changed and all the old places where I had so many memories, it was a good way to get over the bad vibes. Since then, I had visited one other time but it was at night and rainy and wasn’t the most exciting. But, this past weekend, my friend Holly and I planned a day trip that I felt helped me to reclaim my old city as my own.

Holly grew up in North Carolina and only moved to Florida recently. She’d been wanting to spend some time in St. Augustine and I’ve become a pretty enthusiastic tour guide, so I was excited for the day. What made it even better was that she recently bought the same exact car as me, so it was like being a passenger in my own vehicle on the way up. Haha.


We started by getting donuts and driving up A1A along the beach to get there, which is one of my favorite drives. Sometimes when I had the time, I would take this route going back to school from my parents’ house in New Smyrna Beach in the evening. I always listened to Lana Del Rey on the drives for some reason (lol) and it was so magical. It’s an ocean view almost the entire way until you pass through some small, really Southern looking towns and then get into St. Augustine Beach.

Once we got into the beach side of town, we passed some of my old haunts like Café 11 (which had the best caprese sandwich and there were always dogs out on the patio), the beach outpost of Kookaburra Coffee, and the beach entry by the pier that was always my go-to.

Passing by the beach as we approached downtown, we passed the old office of the wedding planning company I worked for in school as well as the lighthouse and the touristy Alligator Farm, somewhere I’d never actually ended up visiting.

Crossing over the Bridge of Lions is always a kind of magical experience because you get the most amazing view of historic downtown as well as the portion of the St. John’s River that comes through town. Sometimes, you’ll get stopped if the drawbridge is up, but it’s fun because you can get out of the car and walk around. Didn’t happen to us today, but the view was perfect nonetheless.

So, we parked over on a street by my old dorm and walked up through campus so I could show her the amazing architecture and especially the courtyard which is one of my favorite places in town.

We walked around a little and stopped in this new self-serve tap room situation which reminded me of a scaled down version of a wine bar I love in Winter Park. We had some wine and pineapple cider, then walked uptown around where my former hairstylist’s salon is. I like the uptown area because it’s less touristy than much of downtown.

Our first stop was Juniper Market which is a super aesthetically pleasing coffee shop slash market slash art studio. It’s all white shiplap and there are tons of gorgeous paintings and paper goods created in house. There were some gorgeous postcards with painted magnolias and oranges that I’m very much coveting!

We went next door to Goldfinch, a boutique I loved exploring when I was in school. They have a really cute curated selection of chic, beachy bohemian dresses, bags, and jewelry. Next stop was the antique store across the street where I found a gorgeous pair of vintage earrings for $2! 😍


Next, we walked over to one of my all-time favorite restaurants in the world, The Floridian. I absolutely adored their original location which was right next door to my communications building and was sad to hear that they had moved but I ended up really adoring the new location. They were able to really retain and maybe even enhance the cozy, homey, Southern vibe.

What I love about The Floridian is how it celebrates Florida heritage in a way that’s authentic. There’s no Mickey Mouses or tacky neon palm trees. Instead, there are beautiful wooden antiques, the most stunning alligator painting (it might be charcoal), and a creative, well thought out menu that sources locally.

I got my go-to order, the Fried Green Tomato hoagie with side salad and sweet tea. My friend got a Fried Green Tomato BLT (with bacon jam instead of actual bacon) and a Garden Gimlet which was this really great herby cocktail.

After our early dinner, we went over to Ice Plant which is one of my favorites that I never visited enough when I lived in town. It’s this great bar inside a 1920s ice factory that serves a vintage inspired menu. I got my go-to Moscow Mule and we sat there for quite awhile talking about fun potential future plans and making friends with one of the bartenders who was a fellow Flagler graduate. He was definitely the kind of person who made me proud to have graduated from Flagler because was so intelligent and thoughtful about the issues we were discussing.

I took a couple photos while we were having drinks and sort of love them because they have an interesting vibe and look like they could’ve been taken in the 1920s, particularly the one at the bottom of this post. It really feels like it tells a story.

After drinks, we went over to the beach. My friend is from North Carolina but once came to St. Augustine for spring break and, coincidentally, one of the spots that meant a lot of her was the same pier that holds a place in a lot of my own memories.

So, we went over there and walked on the beach. It was getting dark and misty and I was wearing wellies, so it weirdly felt like being on a beach in England or something!

Last stop was ice-cream because how else would we end the day? We picked some up and then made the drive back home. It was super misty at that point so all of the fluorescent signs along the beach made it feel like we were in a film noir. Ultimately, it was such an inspiring day and made me feel really excited for the rest of the year!


healthy plane snacks for your upcoming holiday travel

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 5.33.51 PM.png

With the holidays right around the corner, I know a lot of you are heading to the airport for flights home and are probably anticipating a ton of sweets and amazing holiday food when you arrive. Flying can be really hard on your body in so many ways, so it’s important to eat healthy when you’re on the plane. Your skin is already getting dehydrated and your immune system is really vulnerable, so it’s best to be mindful of what you’re eating mid-flight.

Here are a couple of easy ideas for healthy plane snacks that are TSA friendly!

avocado on rice crisps
Pack a sealed container with seeded crackers (I love the brand Mary’s Gone Crackers) and sliced avocado as a super healthy, savory snack.

fab four smoothie
Kelly Leveque had the best idea for an easy drink to take with you on the road. Fill a shaker bottle with two tablespoons of chia seeds and a packet of collagen powder. Once you get through security at the airport, order an unsweetened iced green tea from Starbucks and mix it all together!

bare apple chips
I love these apple chips for a travel snack because they’re sweet and chewy and a little bit crunchy.

dang coconut chips
Another good sweet snack that comes in nice little portions. There are a variety of flavors, but I just like the classic toasted coconut.

fresh fruit
This one is so easy, plus the clean up is simple. My favorite fruits to take on planes are bananas, apples, pears, and grapes because they’re not at all messy and they’re super filling.

roasted chickpeas
This is one of my favorite snacks whether I’m traveling or at home and it has so much protein. I pour a can of drained chickpeas on a baking sheet and bake at 400 for about 20 minutes until they’re slightly crunchy. You can add all sorts of seasoning too! I like doing a simple salt and pepper or adding in a little paprika or Old Bay.

veggies + hummus
Fill up a little Tupperware container with sliced carrots and celery, maybe even some pita chips, and homemade hummus or you can pick up some at the airport if you forget!

This is a wonderful plane snack because it feels indulgent, but it can be super easy. You can make a bag at home and bring it along but it’s probably easier to buy a bag in the terminal. I suggest Skinny Pop, Boom Chicka Pop, or Budda Bowl.

nut butter packets
Bring along some individual packets of peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter to eat by itself or spread onto fruit.

protein truffles
Make your own protein truffles to bring along as dessert. I recommend these, but there are so many variations to try out.